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    I was recently made aware of the fact that numerous internet content filters are blocking the site erroneously, however every one of the 5 companies I’ve contacted have immediately aggreed to delist us. If you know of any filters which prevent you or your mates from accessing the site, please include their details (name, url, and email address) in this thread in order for me to contact them…


    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    if you do not know the type of filter being used, please let us know what sort of warning message appears on the screen; or if the partyvibe URL in the “address bar” is replaced with anything else. These also can give us clues which we can use to work out which filter is in use…




    sorry but what is this all about. am i getting blocked from thing i can view the on the net?

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    this is to check if people are being blocked from using partyvibe (normally at work, this is done to deter people from wasting time or bringing their company into disrepute).

    Most Western countries do not censor web feeds for home users, although I did read somewhere the Australian communications ministry was considering this.


    Nope, but then we work from home and control is in our hands! Mwahahahahahahaah


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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