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    Hey guys, I’m doing my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and my thesis is about sex within relationships. If you’re above 18, have experienced a past or current romantic relationship for 3 or more months, and have a spare 15 minutes- then please click on this link
    Deakin University – Relationships Study

    It’s completely anonymous and is completed online.

    I’d love to hear feedback on what you guys think of the questions!

    Thank you



    Interesting in general. You have a lot of double negatives in the questions which to me is poor grammar and makes answering the questions confusing.
    Section 11 is a bit odd too as you only give 2 answers to choose from and for about 1/3 of the questions I didn’t like either answer much and had to go with the one which I disagreed least. I think the data from this section may be statistically worthless as a result of that – often neither answer was appropriate to me and it may be the same for other people

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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