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      Saccao returns with a gift for your eardrums, in the form of his latest monster single Deep Deep Lovin’.The song clearly shows why Saccao is lighting up clubs across Eastern Europe with irresistable grooves which reach beyond the continent’s borders, being felt as far away as Cairo.

      Hugely respected in the industry, Saccao has released hits on some of the biggest Nu Disco and Indie dance labels around the world including Armada Music, Cr2 Records and Toolroom Records. He has also worked with many leading producers, too many to list in this press release, however big names include Fabo, Florian Kruse and Phonique. ‘Deep Deep Lovin’ is an addictive, energetic anthem that will have any club, anywhere dancing within seconds. The track boasts many drops, vibrant pulses and catchy vocals. Deep Deep Lovin’ is sure to become a staple of DJ sets worldwide and demonstrates exactly why Saccao has been a force in House music for several years now, having been placed #16 in BP Top Tracker’s Top 100 Best of Dance/Nu Disco in 2015.

      The Greek DJ is inspired by House royalty such as Carl Cox and shows that Greece is not only still a centre for global cultural excellence, but that the country’s thrilling house scene is taking the genre to new levels. Saccao often supports other leading Greek house DJs and producers, such as Tosel & Hale and is taking the unique sound of Greek House with him around the world. In spite of his being inspired by and connected to the cream of House talent, Saccao is not a DJ who only plays tracks by popular artists in his sets. In an interview with Cairo Gossip he says ‘good music is really the key for me – it doesn’t matter whether the people I’m playing are big names or are unknown.’

      Saccao lives to make people dance, the ecstasy experienced by ravers motivates him and clearly provides inspiration for his latest release Deep Deep Lovin’. He makes the future of House look very, very bright.

      ‘Deep Deep Lovin’ will be released on 10th February

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    Forums Music Music Promos Saccao releases pulsating new single Deep Deep Lovin’