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      Born in London and raised in Lagos, Raymond Allen is a young urban artist who knows how to juxtapose divergent trends, sounds and influences into accessible and engaging hip hop music. Performing as Ray A, this young rapper has been influenced by a world of international urban sounds and cites Afro-Beat, Grime, and Rap as the central driving frameworks of his artistic expression.

      Among his favorite performers, Ray A cites WhizKid, Travis Scott, Skepta, Davido and Kendrick Lamar. On new single, “Like That”, Ray A creates a sound all his own and while his music might reference other artists and times, it is very much a current sound, ready for radio, block parties and anywhere else people are gathering to celebrate life with the sound of music.

      “Like That” is an engergetic and exciting track which places Ray A in the role of the romantic, a street tough poet with compassion for that one special lady in his life. This track is fun and emotive without sounding forced or contrived. Ray A sounds very comfortable speaking about romance and his raps are well complimented by the bass heavy production of modern hip hop. “Like That” is absolutely a crossover jam which will work very well in a variety of contexts and is the perfect track to get urban crowds moving and dancing. It is accessible, fun and brings a very universally positive message about recognizing the truth and magic of sharing a connection with someone special. “Like That” is the perfect spring time anthem and excuse to dance. Allow Ray A to transport you to the warmth and excitement of summer. This is the perfect track for shaking off the winter blues and embracing the joy of the warmer months!

      Ray A is currently an unsigned artist who aspires to create his own record label. If “Like That” is any indication, this is just the beginning of what will no doubt be a fruitful career. If you are looking for the perfect music to enjoy with that special someone, consider Ray A’s bumping street romance “Like That”!

      The creation of ‘like that’ was an idea Zarion and I created which was made in December 2015. The making of this song didn’t come easy, as the production of the beat took 8 hours with frustration and complication on picking what sound we both liked,eventually with the help of the producer taleenbeatz we came to the conclusion of the sound. The vocals took a further 2/3 hours with zarion laying the hook and verses done by me. The Intro of this song is done by ayo a close friend of Zarion and I.

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    Forums Music Ray A Creates a Street Romance on New Single “Like That”