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      I have a question for you all, how many of you in the morning listen to Chris Moyles on Radio 1?

      I do and he is pretty funny but i actually think they need to move him to another slot and bring in a younger fresher team.

      Maybe play a bit more electronic music in the mornings instead of the same shit each and every day. They do have a certain amount of tunes they have to play but Moyles plays them almost in the same order each day. I know cos i listen to radio 1 every day on the way to work. Any i shall put it to a poll and stop this ranting. :love:


        I listen to him as I’m waking up. Usually catch 20 mins or so. Used to listen to him all the time at work when he was on in the evenings.

        I actually find him quite funny. Loads of people think he’s a wanker though.

        With regards to the music I don’t really think it’s an issue of who’s on during that slot. Radio 1 will have setlists for the mainstream shows that he will have to stick to fairly rigidly I reckon. Not much of the stuff played will be through his own choice.

        Maybe I’m wrong. GL will probably know more.


          omg i think chris moyles is a wanker, CLIFFY TAKE OVER PLZZZ.

          one morning stuck in my brain when i decided 100% he is the biggest idiot in the world. it was when that im a celebrity get me out of here was on and he kept impersonating some guys laugh, every sentence ended in this fucking awful not funny laugh!! GRRR STFU CHRIS!

          just my experience tho

          Tek Offensive

            hes definitely got the best show during the day. speaks his mind and you get a good idea what actually goes on behind the scenes from listening,

            the music is pretty much all shite, but then he plays much less during the time i listen to him, from about 7.30 when i leave for work.

            the worst is that annoying jo ‘i love music so much’ whiley. cant stand her or the show. i put up with it for ages now i cant handle her and change to radio2 till 1:00.

            its annoying cos the radio at work cant get 87.5 cos the tuner doesnt go low enough.

            also project storm usually do a set on tuesdays from 10pm-4am playing wikid techno, hard dance and psy.

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              Don’t get me wrong i do like Moyles’ show, I just think there will come a time when we need a younger team who is more in touch with their target audience. I don’t mean sack Chris but move him to another slot say Jo Whiley’s, She does my nut in as well. 😉

              Tank Girl

                Dont like him,

                find him irriatting and annoying
                as I do lots of people on the radio, so dont tend to listen too much, absolutley hate err… shit forgot her name, (had to goolge) sara cox :yakk::yakk:
                tend to listen to xfm if I do


                  sarah cox is the worst god damnit hate her so much:crazy: not funny at all but thinks she is, i must have texted into her show a million times asking her to shut her gob and play some music like shes paid to do, same goes for that scott mills, thinks hes the funniest bloke on earth, his show does my head in n all. at least chris moyles has his funny moments, nice to wake up in the morning to abit of humour i think. edith bowmans good, plays some awrite stuff sometimes and knows what shes doing. very down to earth.


                    My work tunes into Radio 2, which has Steve Wright. He has to be the most corny, dated cheese ball on radio!

                    Tek Offensive
                      titch;312762 wrote:
                      My work tunes into Radio 2, which has Steve Wright. He has to be the most corny, dated cheese ball on radio!

                      :laugh_at: gotta love the factiods!


                        Yuk, steve wright… he’s been crap for decades :yakk:

                        chris moyles… nasty, offensive, but occaisonally funny. Saviour of Radio 1, my arse :yakk: Halle Berry had it right, to many dodgy stereotypes.

                        Whiley… talk about living off past glories, i broke Nirvana, Oasis etc, therefore i get DJ work for the next 20 years. :yakk:
                        Talent free zone.

                        Whilst i dont like Scott Mills as such, the ‘flirt divert’ thing, and various other bits and pieces he has done are pretty inspired. :laugh_at:

                        The only daytime dj who knows much about dance music, and the only one i will actually listen to by choice, is Sara Cox. :group_hug Married Leeroy out of the Prodigy, then later Jon Carter, and also caused great merriment by suggestin that the Queen Mum ‘smelt of wee’! :laugh_at: Note to Moyles, you dont have to be a bigot to cause offence…

                        On the Radio 1 dance music front, Annie Mac’s ok too (tho a bit manufactured), and also Pete Tong deserves credit for havin been there…

                        anyway, thats my opinion, for wot its worth (not v much!:wink:)


                          I only listen to Radio 1 when either kutski or eddie halliwell is djing.
                          The same songs being played during the week everyday all the time gets a bit tedious but its good to work too.
                          1 extra is my daytime prefference if i have the radio on

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