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    been away from here for a while

    good to see PV going strong raaa

    after 33 years of building a life a monumental wave of bad luck seemed to wipe it all out… lost my home, family, job, my health, my kids health, my parents health… i’ve still got my decks and records but not sure i really can be fucked to dj anymore… got one small party lined up later this summer just to find out for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

    the universe seems to be tempting me back in with a mate who has a massive international profile as a dj / producer trying to get me to start a new night in the SW but we’ll see if i can be arsed to put in the effort when my kids and my garden need so much care and consistently give so much back without any of the hassle of sleepless weekends, comedowns, fussy punters, competitive egos and police hassle that goes with dancing all night :yawn:

    anyway hello and hello again

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    welcome back, was wondering what had happened to you. hope you and the kids are better, there seems to have been a tidal wave of ill-health across the UK recently..

    I stay here for the community but haven’t been partying for a while (did meet up with process at one which was a fun night). TBH even by 2005 I found that the music scene was more stressful than my day job, and since moving to EA normal life is actually more fulfilling than mere hedonism. Even in my day job I’m involved with reusing computers rather than buying new ones, my new work site has loads of solar water heating and I’m getting involved in other local community stuff.

    Managed to stay lucky but its also through being a bit more sensible about things than when I lived in Reading and I want to keep it that way, especially since I learned at least 3 of my old mates from Reading / SE England are brown bread just from the harsher effects of the party lifestyle, which shook me up a bit TBH..

    I very occasionally do go out partying but its much more fun just as a punter than a DJ or organiser (keep meaning to convert my old vinyl to digital but never get round to it).

    I’m still part of that Transition Towns network you mentioned about 6 years ago, in fact I now look after the local groups website ๐Ÿ™‚


    EZE GL

    glad to hear you’re keeping your head up ๐Ÿ™‚

    my own health is average and manageable now i know what the problem is (nothing to do with party lifestyle) but the health of one of my kids and one of my parents is not so good and that’s difficult

    sorry to hear about your losses… each must have come as a shock

    i can’t say that party lifestyle played a part in any of the crap that’s landed on my plate the last year and a half… i just haven’t had the will to go out and get my mojo on display recently and now i’ve found other ways of fulfilling myself i feel out of place if i go rave … but now the sun is shining i’m checking out a couple of vans, something to live in so i can rent out the house i bought to renovate to cover the mortgage until the dark forces are defeated and i can find work that makes use of my skills again… i need a truck big enough and a site friendly and safe enough that my kids can still live with me half the week

    i need a financial respite for a short while as i’m close to making some real money … but close is no biscuit… we’ll see… the ability to adapt to change is the recipe for success

    what are TT up to in EA? would be interested to hear some examples ๐Ÿ™‚

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    This is the best site for the entire EA region (its a big region) for Transition stuff

    because of the backlash against the “hippy” culture since of 1970s/80s (due to issues regarding drugs etc) wider society in EA is a lot more sceptical about alternative lifestyles of any kind compared to SW England or the West (but not completely hostile), people are wary of change, and there is a strong car culture due to the large physical size of the area, so the fact so many Transition initiatives have started to take off here is clearly a good thing…

    transition circle east


    Long time no see, welcome back! as you see I nicked your seat ;D

    ends allways ends with a new start….other times is just nice to sit back a watch it all grow, when you know WHat you want to do so DO it, not before, halfway will never get you there

    come to copenhagen 1-5.june DISTORTION 2011 ร— Front


    AvatarDan Ooops

    Welcome back DG – like you, I often disappear from here, but for different reasons….
    A bit like GL, the lure of the rave has somewhat dwindled over the last few years. I did thoroughly enjoy bringing the OOOPS! crew out for the Storm events at the Custard Factory, although we pulled out of the third one at a few hours notice – Not Matt’s fault, the venue’s…and because my crew are all grown up, missing a party was not the end of the world for them – besides, the guys we were gonna be working with are young enough to want to set up in a corner, rather than a proper space! and good luck to em!

    Hope things work out for you whichever way you turn…

    Here in the Reading area (despite everything I said above) I am working on an Ooops! reunion party for the crew and punters that have come and gone over the last 18 years (coz end of May bank holiday is 18 years since I met Harry and we started the party…)

    GL – I would love you to come and play, and DG – you’d be more than welcome to come along mate – sleep over space if you have your vehicle ready by then.

    Keep on keeping on


    GL – good to hear your involved in TT i have a bit of contact with the local group, doing seed swaps and the like

    sinner, would love to go back to Copenhagen sometime keep in touch

    good to hear Ooops! is having fun ๐Ÿ™‚


    Good to see you here Glo, you have been missed ๐Ÿ™‚


    Good to see you are still kicking; especially if its been really tough mate. welcome back and hope to catch up with you in cyberspace soon


    Good to have to back ๐Ÿ™‚ add me i wanted to talk to you about something important globalloon

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