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    The idea of the 101VOiD was born when Dubstep producer Process Rebel sent Electro Reggae vocalist MC Zulu tracks with more of a Rock feel to it. The result, “So Decadent” and “Bird of Ill Omen” ended up on Process Rebel’s 2009 Other Weapons album (Destroy All Concepts).

    “Solid Gold” is the next song inspired by this collaboration that more fully explores the Soul-Rock-IDM mashup. “Solid Gold” is an art damaged glitch rocker that cuts new swatches from the classic rock influences of the 70’s.

    Warped and stretched synths undulate through raw, sparse drums as MC Zulu roars through a whimsical narrative in which there is “always another level to which we all can drop.”

    A full 101VOiD EP is being prepared for a 2012 release. The full EP will include all of the tracks from Process Rebel, and inclusions from a number of other producers. MC Zulu will be the voice of the project.

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