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      ★ Cutting-edge Electronic Music Pearls that Shine by Their Own !

      With five dedicated releases as its best tracks selection over 2014 as Blur & Dreams – MMXIV a few days ago, watchfully packaged from A to E with some of the most representative Progrezo Records talents around the world that include Gare Mat K, MAUT, Ievgeniy Kozlov, Minitronik, Home Video, SES, Alan Mille, Ralph Kings, Cymbol, Mercurio Moncada, SES, Gus Bonani, Alan Smid, Anthony Watkins, Steve Lorenz, Gians, Anton Desire, and Fractal Architect among others, whose deliver cutting-edge arrows straight to the point as undeniable epic wizards in the night with skills to produce quality pearls as part of a new generation of electronic music makers mostly musicians and passionate for well crafted-top-notch electronica music without doubt.

      Progrezo Records is pleased to share its four packages that are within Beatport’s top100 Minimal releases !

      * Blur & Dreams – MMXIV – Room B / #21 Beatport top100 Minimal releases
      * Blur & Dreams – MMXIV – Room A / #68 Beatport top100 Minimal releases
      * Blur & Dreams – MMXIV – Room C / #70 Beatport top100 Minimal releases
      * Blur & Dreams – MMXIV – Room D / #81 Beatport top100 Minimal releases

      Thank you all of you for the warm support.



      Having under its belt twelve indescribable months full of emotions, tons of quality music, numerous highlighted news and projects on the pipe, the Progrezo Records team is not only proud because such as memorable and remarkable year at most, but pleased to continue supporting, designing and bringing dreams come true for its artists around the world and quality electronic music researchers without doubt.

      Proving itself as one of the hottest independent imprints within the finest electronic music industry, Progrezo Records reached charts from minimal and electronica to techno and tech-house with newcomers and on demand talents to highlight, besides world’s top Djs support the likes of Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Sasha and Max Cooper among others, as wee as different collaborations including Hernan Cattaneo new 2xCD album on Balance Music 026 among others.

      Not only studio nor office issues have taken Progrezo Records attention during 2014, but achieving undeniable success as a solid brand within the Argentina’s nightlife with a series of well received showcases at some of the most recognized clubs in Buenos Aires, specialized in cutting-edge electronic music; in addition to Art events featuring plastic and visual artists, photographers and forward-thinking electronic music live-acts.

      As a memorable masterpiece, Blur & Dreams features five dedicated releases from subtle-organic minimal pearls, passing through sublime and eclectic electronica gems to huge peak-hour techno bombs, along with some selected Dj mixes to close with a flourish.

      Thank you everyone of you for that absolutely warm and constant support !

      Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

      Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music

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