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    hi guys

    A big shout to the Smiling Corpse crew for asking me to take part in their long-running Dead Happy Podcast series. I was of course delighted to take part, especially because by a funny coincidence this was both episode 23 of the series as well as volume 23 of my own Rampage Turbo series. Since I have a pretty comprehensive collection of freeform vinyl, I was asked if I could provide a bit of a history lesson in the freeform sound, and I was very happy to oblige!

    What you have here is 100 minutes of some of the finer tunes from the early days of the freeform sound – basically, these were the building blocks behind what we enjoy today. I didn’t want to just repeat Bonkers 2 to 5, so with this mix I really tried to dig a bit deeper, which is why there is everything from pitched-up hard trance from X-Cabs and Jon the Dentist to Choci’s unique brand of acid trance madness and early tunes from Kevin Energy and Sharkey, as well as some of the lesser-known releases from labels like Digital Beats and Bonkers. Hopefully this gives you a coherent overview of the evolution of this music that is, at the same time, also completely fucking rocking.


    Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 23: Dead Happy History Lesson
    visit my site to download the mix

    Mixed in Berlin, September 2014
    100% vinyl!
    (97:18, 223 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

    Style: A true Freeform History Lesson


    01. X-Cabs – Avalon (Hook)
    02. Jon The Dentist – Phase IV (Dream Inn)
    03. Intersepter – Dream I Had (M-Zone’s Wake Up Call) (Teach Yourself Techno)
    04. D-Zyne & Fury – Dreamin’ (XY2)
    05. Tripswitch – Tic Tac (GBT)
    06. Cortex – Space Junk (FDN)
    07. Shanty & Distressed Frequencies – Forward Motion (Digital Beats)
    08. Jon Doe – Mandlebrot (Electric Kingdom)
    09. The Merry Pranksters – Stoned Longterm (Acid Test)
    10. DJ Choci – Mitsubishi Landings (Destination Venus Mix) (Cannon)
    11. Choci & The Powder Front – Come Into My World (Destination Venus Mix) (Public House)
    12. Q-Tex – Viroid (Evolution)
    13. Penguin Conspiracy – Welcome To The Future (Digital Beats)
    14. Helix & Fury – Y Not (Stompin Choonz)
    15. Hard Trance – Undiscovered (Evolution)
    16. DJ Eclipse – Distornord (D.A.T.A.)
    17. Digital Maneuvers – Terranova (Bonkers)
    18. DJ Energy – Warped Reality (Nu Energy)
    19. DJ Energy – Waves Of Desire (Nu Energy)
    20. Robbo & Jon Doe – Produce The Bass (No Trix)
    21. UFO – Inner Sanctum (Hectic)
    22. Metropolis – Liquid Nights (Essential Platinum)
    23. Sharkey & Trixxy – Therapy (Bonkers)
    24. DJ Fury – Droppin’ Bombs (GBT)
    25. Menace II Society – Cougar’s Bass (Digital Beats)
    26. Jonny Go Mental – Killer (Bonkers)
    27. Ramos, Supreme & UFO – Terminator (GBT)
    28. DJ Energy – Take Me Up (Nu Energy)
    29. Energy & DNA – Termination (Remix)
    30. Lab 4 – Stungun (Secret)


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