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      Here’s a mix I did a few days ago of some of my favourite deep (and not so deep … ) dubstep tunes; originally this was going to be just a crate-digging exercise, but I’ve ended up using a bunch of newer stuff, so it’s now a mix of old and new, touching on flavours from hip-hop, reggae, house, techno, jungle, and 2-step garage along the way.

      Oh, and vote for my next mix, if you haven’t already. :weee:

      Enjoy! :crazy:


      Pearsall presents Summer Snapshot
      click to visit my site and download the mix

      Mixed in Edinburgh, July 2010
      (51:06, 88.98 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

      Style: Dubstep

      01. Portishead – Strangers (Vaccine Remix) (White)
      02. Breakage – Rain (Digital Soundboy)
      03. Kromestar – Late (Southside Recordings)
      04. Babylon System – Everyday Hustle (10 Bag)
      05. Matty G – Turf Warz (Dup Police)
      06. Cotti – Run Tings (Soul Jazz)
      07. Skream – Rimz (Tempa)
      08. Emalkay – A.G.S. (Dub Police)
      09. Silkie – Sky’s The Limit (Deep Medi Musik)
      10. RSD – Green Hill (Punch Drunk)
      11. Goldie – Inner City Life (SBTRKT Remix) (White)
      12. DJ Hatcha – Dark Claps (Special Branch)
      13. Skream – Minimalistix (NonPlus)
      14. Martyn – All I Have Is Memories (Apple Pips)
      15. TRG – Surreal (5AM) (Tempa)
      16. Synkro – Inhale (Smokin Sessions)
      17. Cosmin TRG – Strobe Lick (Tempa)
      18. Zomby – Digital Flauna (Brainmath)
      19. Digital Mystikz – Eyez (DMZ)
      20. Silkie – Cat’s Eyes (Deep Medi Musik)
      21. Von D – Berlin Call (Argon)
      22. Sully – Bless (Urban Grafitti)

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