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    hi there,

    Here’s a set I did a few weeks back of some early freeform hardcore/trancecore. If you like 170 + bpm hardcore with lots of hard trance flavour and tons and tons of acid, this is for you!

    I’ve also written up some notes about each track to tell a bit of the history of the music, as well as why I chose the individual tracks, but the main meal is definitely the mix.

    Enjoy! :bounce_g:

    Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 8
    click to visit my site and download the mix

    Mixed on two Technics 1210′s and a Pioneer DJM-600 in London, October 2011
    (72:23, 166 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

    Style: Classic freeform hardcore/trancecore

    01. Miss Nic & DJ Swoon – Der Sturm (GBT)
    02. M-Zone – Into The Future (Jon The Dentist Future Mayhem) (Boscaland)
    03. Lab 4 – Psychoactivated (Trebleate)
    04. Tripswitch – Ram Raider (GBT)
    05. Citadel Of Kaos – Aux 5 (xy2)
    06. Eruption – Let The Music (Bang The Future Remix) (United Dance)
    07. AG Systems – Active Tekno (Stompin Choonz)
    08. Teknotyx – Time Becomes A Loop (Acid Test)
    09. DJ Energy – Raver’s Revenge (Nu Energy)
    10. Bang The Future – A Tardis To Brooklyn (GBT)
    11. Brisk & Trixxy – Back To The Top (JAL Platinum)
    12. Simon Apex – Time For The Sale (No Trix)
    13. G.S.I. – Twister (Krafty)
    14. Apollo & Burst – Drop That Beat (Space Race)
    15. Distressed Frequencies – Victimised (Nu Energy)
    16. DSU – The Dawn (Digital Beats)
    17. Energy & DNA – The Bastard (Remix Records)
    18. Marc Smith – Encounters (Nu Energy)
    19. Trixxy – Here To Invade (Bonkers)
    20. Sharkey – Hard Life (React)


    bump for anyone who missed this first time around 🙂


    spot on another banging mix


    thanks mate!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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