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    hi all

    Here’s a tribute I did over the weekend to Choci’s Chewns, the shop and label, and it’s various sub-labels. If you were into that manic acid trance sound back in the 90’s/00’s, then this should be up your alley!

    Pearsall presents Original Basement Vibes (The Sound of Choci’s Chewns)

    Blog link: Pearsall presents Original Basement Vibes (The Sound of Choci’s Chewns) | Sonicrampage



    Mixed in Berlin, January 2015
    (99:23, 227 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

    Style: Classic Hard and Acid Trance sounds from the man like Choci and his various labels


    01. Calculas – Millennium (Mad Gay Mafia Remix) (Voltage Controlled Remixes)
    02. Geezer & Choci – Mono Madness (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    03. DJ Choci – M25 (Dynamic Intervention Remix) (Public House)
    04. Choci & EC1 – Natural High (Pink Cally Mix) (Choci’s Chewns)
    05. Chris Liberator & The Geezer – 303 Power (Choci & The Geezer Remix) (Smitten Remix)
    06. Choci, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter & The Geezer – Acid Conspiracy (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    07. DJ Mishka – Going Back In Time (Mad Gay Mafia Mix) (Efadrine)
    08. DJ Choci – Spaced Out (DJ Choci’s Pagan Mix) (Cannon)
    09. DJ Choci – Can You Feel The Force (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    10. DJ Reche – Don’t Work (Choci & Mark Sinclair Remix) (Main Vein)
    11. Choci & Injector – Nothing (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    12. DJ Paola – Souls Of The Tribes (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    13. DJ Riddler – Fast Track To St. Louis (Public House)
    14. DJ Paola – Code 1000 (DJ Mishka’s Absinthe Mix) (Cannon)
    15. K90 – Genesis (Choci’s Chewns)
    16. Andy Allder vs Graham D – Snow Queen (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    17. DJ Mishka – Fifth Element (Skyscraper Mix) (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    18. DJ Theron & Jon Doe – Rubber Banned (Public House)
    19. The Darkman – Mad Gay Mafia (This Is Fucking Trippy Mix) (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    20. Tasha Killa Pussies – Burn Baby Burn (Choci’s Chewns)
    21. DDR & Choci – Valhalla (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    22. DJ Choci & DJ Paola – Cherokee (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
    23. Beamish & Choci – Stingray (Voltage Controlled Remixes)
    24. Choci & Tickle – Flute (Choci & Andy Allder Remix) (Voltage Controlled Remixes)


    Nice one raaa



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