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    Hi all

    Here’s a mix I did at the end of last year that I am finally putting online. It’s pure, unadulterated Goa Trance from the mid-90’s, mixed 100% from vinyl.

    This is definitely not cool trendy music for cool trendy people … this is total wibbling gurning lunacy for the real-deal herders of the moon goat.



    Pearsall presents Concrete Over Goa

    Soundcloud link (can’t get the player to work):

    Mixed in Berlin, December 2014
    100% Vinyl
    (63:25, 320 kbps MP3)

    01. Man With No Name – Teleport (Perfecto)
    02. Razor’s Edge – Tribal Sunrise (Technossomy Beta Mix) (Metropolitan)
    03. K.U.R.O. – Zoa (Remix) (Spirit Zone)
    04. The Art Of Trance – Cambodia (Tunnel Vision Mix) (Platipus)
    05. Ominus – Acid Tester (Koyote)
    06. Green Nuns Of The Revolution – Optimum Creakage (Dragonfly)
    07. Lunar Asylum – Bubble (Transient)
    08. Doof – Let’s Turn On (Tuned In Mix) (T.I.P.)
    09. Kind Of Intelligence – Eurith (Trigger)
    10. Man With No Name – Neuro Tunnel (Dragonfly)
    11. Butler & Wilson – Deliverance (Transient)
    12. Etnica – Starship 101 (Blue Room Released)
    13. Doof – Double Dragons (Crystal Insurance Mix) (Dragonfly)
    14. Cosmosis – Gift Of The Gods (Transient)
    15. Astral Projection – Let There Be Light (T.I.P.)
    16. Moonweed – Telepath (Remix) (Celtic)
    17. Astral Projection – Power Gen (Byte)

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    nice one dude – will find some space for that mix on VFR, although I’ve literally just done a new update of the looped tracks 5 minutes before seeing this (the content does get updated every week anyway but publishing the schedules takes longer).

    BTW should I put you down in the listings as from UK, DE or Scotland?

    for some reason you need the tag {soundcloud} rather than just {sc} or it doesn’t work (I used the wrong brackets deliberately on those two as the correct ones confuse the software)



    Complicated question! I am an American who lived in the UK for a while before moving to Germany. I guess since I have lived in Germany for two years you could put DE, as it is correct for the moment. 😉

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