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    Runs live every thursday from 6PM to 8PM. Live mixing of best dance tunes of the moment.

    I will post the recorded show of each week.



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    just realised that I never got a chance to thank you for the first set as though I tuned in to it, I recently was unwell and unable to devote much energy to work, music or anything else (indeed had to visit doctor for first time in 7 years!) – but the audio quality was very good and the strongest we have had without distortion, it was to the new EBU standard (we try to get this better than the commercial stations!) if you are not using a modern loudness meter on your audio equipment (or even if you are) it shows you have a very good ear for mixing.

    also it was interesting to hear dance music from Romania, as it has many local elements from your ancient cultures (I was always curious about that part of the world and music when I was younger, but until the 90s it was behind a strong “iron curtain!”) Always thought you were older than 19 as young lads in Britain aren’t normally as focused and professional about music (I wasn’t at that age!)

    in my town the DJ’s will not even play eurodance in many clubs as the police say “it makes people take pills and do crime”. perhaps now the iron curtain is here in England!

    just one query though, what time zone are you using here? CET, UTC/GMT or the current UK time (UTC+01:00?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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