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      Dear Psyfan’s, goaheads, Partyfreaks, record labels and in special the webmasters…

      I invite you to vissit and crosslink our page’s because we share the same psy traffic.
      I just launched my Psy trance server too devellope a wide interest in the right kind of music. It wil function as a sampler for dj’s aswell as an good psy radio where you can pick and enjoy your own psy track’s, anywhere ! Since these are all embbeded shockwave streams noboddy will be able to download them. (i’m a musician myself 🙂 Its just about enjoying good psy music and surfing all those crewl psy links like your’s 🙂

      For a while i’ll be bizzy making all those streams ( ah.. itz my hobby ) After that i will concentrate a little more on the design, my first aim is to collect loads of good psy-music and psy-links. I will put a awfull lot of time in promoting it so everybody can enjoy this partymusic !

      If anyboddy would like to suggest a good psy track please leave a note in the guestbook.

      To make this site a succes i need all related site’s to link me up ! and all of you, spread the word. in exchange i will place your link on mine, a big change itz already there !

      Please link it to:

      Thx in advance



        if psytrance is your thing-then check out this site-forum,guest book,party info

        Tom Thumb

          i haven’t browsed the site. what’s so good about it?


            Ecellent little site with psytrance streaming.great links section with a variety of european sites,offering a wide range of good stuff-
            dj bookings
            record labels
            psytrance mp3’s/streaming/dj sets
            news/interviews/party listings/festivals.

            Tom Thumb

              shame it loads so slowly from here ;(

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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