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      Could I ask a big favour to everyone advertising free parties please? Can you mention the area of the UK, that your party is being held? I know you cant say exact locations, but it would be helpful to know loosely where you are – helping us ravers decide whether we can come or not. Thanks x

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        Given rising fuel costs I see what you mean…

        perhaps a broad region spanning many counties such as “SE England” or “S Scotland” would be a good tradeoff between letting people know what sort of distance they are in for without giving too much away?


          Agreed, if I post any party info anywhere, I normally specify South East.


            aye, not enuff people tell us this, i dont have a car so i have to arrange lifts or get taxis so i cant go far. If people just put the nearest city or the county, it would help.


              I’m in the same boat, cadging lifts and such like. While I agree that it would be handy for organising myself to get places to have a bit more info I think puting the nearest town may be a bit too much info, as it could alert the local dibble of the town/city in question. The county should be enough really to tell people whether its feasible travelling distance.


                yeh at least a vague area of england would help. was gonna treck to a party last night but discovered it was otherside of Oxford and i live in surrey! oh well…it still got busted by OB neways. sounded quite eventful though!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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