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    Next live streams 23-12-07

    OTT Xmas bash

    An all day event being streamed in audio + video from The George II in Luton.

    p.s this event is being streamed on level-1 in full colour vid and 128k audio..

    boooooooommmmmmmmmmmlock on or drop in


    -=Ascenzion Dub Syndicate=-

    Pre Xmas eve warm-up.
    Sunday 23rd December 2pm till 10pm


    Reggae Session

    Dj Roots (Ascenzion) – Roots/Reggae.

    Dj Floydcide (Ascenzion) – Reggae/Dancehall/Dub

    Dj Dread-i (Liberation Collective) – Roots/Reggae

    Dj Dog-G (Ascenzion) – Various Reggae/Dubs/Jungle/D n B

    (Listen out for the usual xmas tunes,but maybe in versions you`ve not heard before )

    Dance Session

    Dj Madocc (Ascenzion) – Old School/Jungle/Jungle Techno/Homegrown

    Dj Eyez (Ascenzion) – Nu-School Breaks/Jungle/D n B

    “We`re wishing everyone a very Merry Xmas and a Happy NewYear,Big up to all Level-1 Admin,Members,Listeners and Guests.Hoping 2008 carries on from strength to strength for Level-1, T.E.D and all the Streaming Crews.”

    Also.. we are having a getogether on Wednesday 26th Dec(Boxing Day) At Manhattens in Luton.Lots of familiar faces and crews so if your interested then pop down.£2 on the door all proceeds go to charity. From 8pm till late.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy NewYear!!.
    Ascenzion Crew





    Dog On A Rope Sunday mix from four til seven.

    The usual hard flavours as always… Techno, Schranz, Hard NRG.

    The more the merrier, so do please join us if you can, and let us help you to finish off your weekend in inimitable DOAR style…

    Hard As Fuck!


    Wicked Sunday


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