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    Live recorded set 30-03-2013 at Deep Cutz Rave – Superheroes vs. Villains @ Waalhalla in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
    Deep Cutz is currently the biggest and most bass heavy sound system driven forward thinking underground UK Bass music rave of the Netherlands.
    Mixed on three decks using both Vinyl & CD’s.
    Mc Sheep uses a TC Helicon Voicetone Create XT
    Mc NoiA uses a Korg Kaoss Pad 3 (Loaded with Lickshots)


    Unknown Artist – Untitled
J Man – Deeper
Breakage – So Vain

    16 Armed Jack – Real People
DJ Vocoda & – Satta Lumumba
DJ Lab – Dubplate A Roll

    Debaser – Crazy Baldheads (Press Up Mix)

    16 Armed Jack – Mash Dem Down

    Humb – Ain’t No Sunshine
DJ Lab – Nice It Up
Walkingstick – Bawling For Soundclash

    DJ Lab – Taking over
Soundmurderer – Toronto V.I.P.

    16 Armed Jack – Gwan Infilltrate

    Soundmurderer – Soundclash Remix

    Bong Ra – Ghetto Blaster

    Dr Bastardo – Calvera

    Unknown Artist – Untitled
    Sebby T – Piss Cake

    Dwarde & Anorak – Rushed Love
Computer says – Computer Check Exception

    FFF – The Feeling
Aaron spectre – Look Out Fi Liar

    Krumble – Autobahn

    Kid 606 – Slammin Ragga Bootleg Track

    Unknown Artist – Untitled
Dj Osh-Kosh & Ritorto – Murder Ya Bloodclart
    Unknown Artist – Untitled
LDC – Fyah burn
Humb – Bumper Clart

    LDC – Hold Ya Head
Kid 606 – Rude Style Indie Junglist Massive
Bogdan Raczynski – Untitled

    Dj Osh-Kosh & Ritorto – Undone (unreleased)
Square Pusher – Come On My Selector
Ritorto – The Smasher

    The Bug – Gun Disease

    The Bug – Slew Dem (Version)

    Pisstank – Punching Your Girlfriends Cunt Till It Bleeds
FFF – True Vegetarian

    Unknown Artist – Untitled

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