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    I am so fucking narked off its unbelievable!!!!! :hopeless:

    Went out tonight for my big sis 41st birthday drinks-what a fucking nightmare and load of wank :you_crazy:you_crazy

    Jesus= I am either so untouched by reality or I am real ??

    …….. and in my mind (even if you have them…..~) not everything is about your kids?

    I am actually listening to classical music to calm myself down-
    it was the most horrendous night out I have had for a long time,

    7 of us – mmmmm….1 doesn’t have kids………….

    so who was left out of every conversation and interaction?

    I mean loads of my friends have kids but….
    they also have a LIFE and can talk about other stuff –

    I was a leper as I am smoking (yes, again) but fuck me –

    me and my mates at-least try and involve people in to our conversations if they arnt in to the same stuff as us!!

    (sorry pissed and pissed off!)


    How tedious TG :flowers: shallow people eh

    AvatarTank Girl

    @Raj 508176 wrote:

    How tedious TG :flowers: shallow people eh

    So lovely to have you back my lovely!!!

    I am actually physically stressed my shoulders are done in

    I think (personally) its horrendous to make some on feel so excluded like that – (and I did CBT myself- and it wasn’t just my thoughts)
    i personally am blaming my sis as she invited me knowing my stuff and her mates – which is prob why i am so pissed – as I basically walked in to a lions den


    thats pretty shite to be fair – if she cant be bothered to speak about something other than kids why invite a single person to that kind of night??? :you_crazy:

    AvatarTank Girl

    Mate, I am still physically angry

    I am sat with tunes pumping to try and ease it = gone from classical to early 90s dance! 😛

    she is a selfish, self centered, angry lady – but despite my friends telling me how she has no sense of self (I don’t think I realized how much – til tonight) as usually there are a few of us

    she even did it with her mates – unless you are in the conversation she just ignored them

    I think this is prob what I’m more upset about – she just doesn’t seem to have a clue how she affects others (this is the woman who knocked her ‘other half’s’ teeth out in front of their kids so I do wonder why I find it a suprise) but they were also so racist too – I think this may have been the turning point where I stopped getting listening to

    I just find it so funny that my other half is so accepted …………….as he is white

    but if it wasn’t for immigration and refugees his family wouldn’t be in this country .. go figure


    just stop wasting your time with her – just cos she is family is no reason to compel you to spend time with her – after all you wouldn’t put up with that behaviour from a friend and friends are the people you have chosen to spend time – i apply the same rule across all parts of my life – saves a lot of aggravation and people who want to spend time with me don’t have to put up wit my relatives

    AvatarTank Girl

    I dont normally spend time with her

    – its just coz its her birthday…… as last time I saw her socially was this time last year – and I was off my fucking tits!!!

    but I am defo agreeing with you – its not worth it – even ‘trying to be nice’ which is all i do

    I love her kids so I go round to see them and we ge in in the kitchen – but socially it just doesn’t work, thanks Raj


    @Tank Girl 508174 wrote:

    I am actually listening to classical music to calm myself down

    I had to do this when driving to Brighton with the log manning the passenger seat after not seeing a roundabout in the dark (after taking a long arse detour because the main roads were shut). Got about half a road width into the roundabout before the car started to turn! luckily it was 4-5 am and no one was about!!!!

    Log politely asked me to turn off the classical music after 5 odd minutes of sitting there rather awkwardly thinking I was totally mad for leaving the radio on classical fm … haha (don’t think he likes it :P)


    Oh I ment to add … copy paste from a msg i sent someone earlier …
    This happened earlier tonight …

    just see some fucking nut drive over the middle bit of the road into oncoming trafic and try go round the roundabout the wrong way! … i think he passed out whilst driving cos he nearly crashed and stopped after going over the middle bit in the road .. then went to drive into the round about into oncoming trafic! ..

    i was beeping at him like a mad man … and he fucking went the right way in the end … i pulled up beside him at the light and went to tell him to pull over down a side road or he’s gonna have an acsident … and it must of been his mum frightened to death in the pasenger seat .. then the guy just pulled off …!


    That really winds me up when people do that. If a group or someone starts talking about a subject that leaves someone out (even if I’m included) I find it really uncomfortable and will try and steer the conversation on to something else.

    I think it’s often people’s lack of awareness and selfishness that does it rather than a deliberate attempt to exclude. It’s just rude though.


    It’s one of them eye roll moments, when you look at everyone else in the room and they roll their eyes …



    If I’m gonna bang on about myself and my stuff/interests, I’ll at least try and make it engaging and not indulgent (at least not obviously :P).


    Baby talk is so boring.
    One of the reasons I dont have many mum friends or do mum.

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