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    AvatarDr Bunsen

    Received this today…

    Notice of removal from Google Search

    Due to a request under data protection law in Europe, we are no longer able to show one or more pages from your site in our search results in response to some search queries for names or other personal identifiers. Only results on European versions of Google are affected. No action is required from you.

    These pages have not been blocked entirely from our search results, and will continue to appear for queries other than those specified by individuals in the European data protection law requests we have honored. Unfortunately, due to individual privacy concerns, we are not able to disclose which queries have been affected.

    Please note that in many cases, the affected queries do not relate to the name of any person mentioned prominently on the page. For example, in some cases, the name may appear only in a comment section.
    The following URLs have been affected by this action:

    Member profile for user: Jordan Elderkin – Party Vibe Radio


    Probably something to do with him talking about heroin addiction maintenance. I got worried it was about the whole site being removed, sounds like he’s just gone to Google and asked for his name to not return any search results. Interesting that you may be able to get this done just by request. Would be interesting to look into it more as it goes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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Forums Web Site News Notice of removal from Google Search #1

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