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    it is in Dutch but maybe some folk here will understand it. For those who do not, a short overview – they haul all the confiscated equipment from Groningen and Twente to Utrecht! (several hundred km away). As expected the boss of that division of Agentschap is female, blonde/ginger, near 2m tall and slightly scary looking; and another baldy man explains in no uncertain terms the whole lot is going to be taken apart under strong surveillance (20+ politieagenten etc) and then put through the WEEE metal recovery shredder so it cannot directly be used again (if an entire intact rig turned up in Utrecht I wouldn’t be surprised if Radio Maria miraculously turned up on Band II alongside many others :laugh_at:)

    if they are doing this regularly I’m not surprised they are all bald; the end stages of radio transmitters contain berillyium which is a poisonous heavy metal; one symptom of poisioning is hair loss…

    (hat tip naar de geheime zender combinatie voor deze link)

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