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    Over 3 days in mid July (2014-07-14/15/16) they changed round the locations in which the live studio and production studio were situated, as their programming schedule changes. That makes more room for the live shows (which are often talks/discussions) and makes it easier to broadcast from their chapel (previously those going in and out of the chapel would have had to go via the live studio which isn’t convenient when much of the programming is speech based.

    RMNL is located in an former church in Den Bosch (of fairly modern design) so they reused the priests sanctuary for the chapel. It is a bigger space than I had expected it to be, having only previously seen the films of the studios from inside and not the outside I had wondered how they got the authentic sound on the “dial a prayer” rosary (the side where the priests or nuns are sat sounds like its in a proper chapel); initially I thought they just sat in the normal radio studio and had done it with a VST or something similar :crazy_dru

    They warned listeners of potential gaps in the content of up to 10 minutes and that if the radio went off to say an extra prayer instead though I reckon it was done really quickly and smoothly in comparison to us lot in Blighty when ICR shifted..

    RMNL NL:




    ICR 2012


    I think the jack plug with the yellow sleeve was the programme audio feed. I certainly remember disconnecting it by mistake whilst trying to gather up the rest of the cables :laugh_at:

    This is the video from RMNL (in Dutch) about their studio move (even if you do not understand what they are saying there is some decent kit to look at if you are interested in studio design, which you don’t normally see. For those who are curious, their main desk is an Oxygene 5 from Italy. I didn’t have time to make a video of ICR in 2012 because I was too busy hauling cables (that move was not quite as well planned) and copying the remaining data from the computers that CSV were keeping, and I think the amount of swear words would have got it blocked to 18 plus age :laugh_at:

    Gefeliciteerd jongens! raaa

    Original info (in Dutch) :
    Radio Maria – AM 675 – Home
    Radio Maria – AM 675 – Home!

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