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    this is from de klompenboer (bumpkin) site – I haven’t deeplinked the pics or put the whole lot here as I don’t want to help MIVD get info for Agentschap Telecom

    the lads set this 25m mast up in the woods

    they were well prepared; with a cherrypicker and two transmitters; just as well; as their first genset they had to supply 230V was defective; and the other one not strong enough to reliably power the more powerful TX at the bottom

    an old netbook supplied the music (not sure if they are feeding a live stream to it via a 3G dongle / a wifi point to point link or playing pre-recorded sets, both may be possible as the UHF signals can just about get through the gap in the metal case (which would be earthed). the other box is a RDS/stereo encoder.

    this still triggers Agentschap Telecom’s automatic monitoring system; they haven’t yet got all the Agilent kit so they only know the mast is somewhere in the woods.

    The old bald guys did not get sent to the woods immediately (probably as the govt would have to pay them weekend overtime; so a policewoman on a motorcycle turned up.)

    The picture isn’t very high res but I can just about make out what looks like a crown symbol on her epaulettes – she would be the rank of Brigadier which is roughly equivalent to Sargeant in the UK (I suspect she was most likely the most senior government official in the area at the time).

    She is also carrying a Walther P99Q (newest version) / P5 / or Glock 17L ; but cannot just go firing it (or even pointing it) at folk she thinks may be radio pirates.

    Nor can she haul down the mast on her own and take it back on her motorcycle; she doesn’t have the authority to identify it as a pirate transmitter (there is nothing stopping any other radio enthusiast putting up a mast in the woods to use licensed frequencies or monitor transmissions).


    Many of the Agentschap Telecom officers are old enough to be her opa (grandfather) and don’t like doing heavy work, so by the time she returns with 2 AT officers, two other policemen and a action man from the Council; the pirates (with the help of various bystanders) have already hauled down the mast and hidden away the transmitter and other incriminating equipment.


    So there is absolutely nothing the authorities can do – no evidence of a crime so against NL and EU human rights to search vehicles and people – it is perfectly legal to visit the public woods so the pirates can just sit there and laugh at them :laugh_at:

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