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    It is only recently that NL pirates have had to hide the sender elsewhere than the studio (as the Dutch government realised a lot quicker than the UK that if you keep confiscating the TX and studio equipment, whilst at the same time not allowing community radio stations or making them way too expensive to run, that pisses even formerly law abiding people off to the point that they will keep broadcasting illegally and eventually will work with drug dealers or any other criminals to get cash to replace the equipment).

    But NL is behind UK in one respect; for all the criticism Ofcom gets its actually a very smart idea to create a government organisation that deals with both the technical and cultural sides of broadcasting. In NL Agentschap Telecom deal with the tech issues, whilst the OCW (Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap / Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) deal with the culture bit.

    What has also happened recently is the big Hilversum broadcasters are putting up poxy little 10W relay stations on formerly unused frequencies (which the pirates make use of at weekends) – to relay a signal from a mast that is so strong I can sometimes receive it in England and the whole of NL can also do so. Unfortunately because these stations conform to AT’s tech regs and Hilversum has the money for the licenses, AT eventually has to license them and then Hilversum can report any pirates for interference (at least in Britain Ofcom allocates spare frequencies to community stations).

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