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    Hola Hola again my Friends, Special Podcast after Special Podcast here these days. Very very Welcome on this wonderfull day, the sun is shining here and we are really very happy to present You today, for the third time, our Chief Techno Resident Mr.Hardgroove Waldo aka Massie. He is from the first days of the Podcast with us here, one of the greatest supporters, a very good friend and one of our absolutely Best Podcast Residents for the genres Techno, Acid Techno, Hardgroove, Hardtechno and Schranz. So we are going after the great Podcast, two days ago, with the legendary Dj Marky from Germany, direct fast to Arnhem, Netherlands to him. More informations for Massie, You will get too, in the Special Podcasts # 21 and # 52 here long down the stream, go there too maybe, to get them. Now to the third Exclusiv Vinyl Techno Set from Waldo for us, not so many words for this, because we think it’s not so important, just have a look on this extra large comfortable delüxe Tracklist, with 25 well sellected Top Tracks. Massie self said, that he has given so much Adrenalin and Energie into the Set and it’s one of the Best Sets he had done ever. This You can feel now very good by pushing the Start Button, tace care Fellas and take also everything safety, because it’s an 1A Acid Techno Set, very deep and raw, just have a lot of Fun with this Special Podcast Episode, here we go direct forward, Enjoy ^_^ !!!!
    1.Cisco Ferreira – Nite Fone
    2.Mauro Alpha – Supertech
    3.VA – Race Four / Track A1
    4.MW 1792 – Unknown Track
    5.Tearz – Jota Ep / Reaky Rmx
    6.SF2000 – Tage des Zorns / Original Mix
    7.Ade Fenton, Body – Above Save Level
    8.Philip Kieran – I love You / Adam Beyer Rmx
    9.Adam Beyer – Tasty Bits Rmx / Drumcode
    10.Kalone, Prelar – Target Ep
    11.VA – I Need An Enemy Ep / Track B1
    12.VA – Turbulence Ep / Track B2
    13.B.Bommersheim – Dynamic Tension
    14.Terry Barcley – Tribal Adventure
    15.Glen Wilson – Barriers
    16.Lars Klein – RT
    17.That Sound – Rythm Technologies
    18.Torsten Kissler – Machine Room
    19.Glen Wilson – Magnetics / B-Side
    20Hardsignal – Concrete Djz / Reconstruction
    21.Powertool 32 – X -Force / War Of The World Track / B-Side
    22.Drumcomplex, Blinder – Synchon Code
    23.Akira Ishi Hara – Under The Saya
    24.Sp – 05 / Spark
    25.Red Crystal – Ruff Rider


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Forums Radionics Radio Promotion Nimo recordings Presents: Nimo Podcast # 151 – Massie # Special”’

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