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    Ooh ^_^ my God Fellas, this is Nico Ramirez, it’s over the moon again, goo there here, take everything safety direct because it’s Mister Massie Hardgroove-Monster himself, who rocks now the Nimo Podcast Stage ^_^ Big, for the fourth time. Must say here so much. Enjoooy his excellente other three Exclusiv Sets, from our absolutely Top Vip Podcast Resident Guy here, always Grande too. My Massie is now also the only Guy, who has my allowness, to play four Nimo Podcasts, exclusively for us. Not only this, he had searched, found, bought and played again, excellente neearly 20 fresh Vinyls, for this Set-Up. My favorite Artists and there Great Vinyls, of this Set, like Misters Paul Mac, Tim Xavier, The Filterheadz, Andre Walter, The Space Djz and Virgil Enzinger, i have marked on the Top Vinyl Tracklist. This shows simply a really hugh amount of purely Great Techno Passion, always deeply ahead. One of the reasons, why Mister Massie is here Top always and for ever, from Dusk till the Dawn, every day. Massie eats, speaks, loves, creates Techno ^_^ Big, always a lot constantly. Massie has now a lot of Residencys around and there are more and more interested Peoples & Club-Owners or Podcast-Owner, who want to book now my Massie, that was what we want, pretty Massie in da Front, Massie for Presidente Hola ^_^ Yeaah!! Push the Hott Fourth Button and You will know, what i mean, directly again. The Nimo Podcast # 299, Massie will be so kind, to play as his fifth Exclusiv Set, for us too. After this than, i will play the Nimo Podcast # 300, as Top Special Best Of Podcasts 1-299, for You all. Now enough is said, for the moment. Push this Button and let now Massie rocking great on the Technics, with his private new Vinyl Pearls, a Pure Deep ^_^ Techno Set, Mindtripping & Shaking & Flowing always excellente, we think. Let’s go Techno Vinyl 1 A, in da Mix by Dj Massie. Awesome ^_^ Great this Holaaaa ^_^ Vamos Chicas & Chicos Enjooooyy :)!!!!
    1.Tim Vitek – Strange
    2.Ade Fenton – We Are Ten
    3.Stanny Franssen – Groove tool
    4.Hiyama – Simple and Simplicity
    5.Dave Christof – Das rote Seegel
    6.Tearz – Jota / Reaky
    7.Ramon Zowodny – Mindgames
    8.Manone – On and on / Jackstar Rec
    9.Groove System – Dope Rythms / Stork/Prydz Rmx
    10.Tadox – Ebbe und Flut
    11.Groove System – Dope Rythms / Leandro Gamez Rmx
    12.Paul Mac – Big Booty!!!!
    13.Tim Xavier – Powerplant / Mark Verbos Rmx!!!!
    14.Kyle Geiger / Bissmire – Potential / Space Djz Rmx!!!!
    15.Zzimo / Filterheadz – Corrador!!!!
    16.Andre Walter – Repelling Noise ” Reconsider”!!!!
    17.Tim Berner – Down In Progress
    18.Virgil Enzinger – State of Anxietly!!!!
    19.Andre Walter – Antagonism!!!!
    20.Fiend & Friend – Dr. Doctor
    21.Panic Attack – The Range / Corachi Rec
    For Booking & Contact: @dj-massie


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Forums Radionics Radio Promotion Nimo Podcast 238 – Massie"" **New techno Vinyls Special** 22 juni 2016

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