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    Tuesday, 4th June – *Comment*
    Added a new poll which you’ll find over here.

    Wednesday, 7th May- *Comment*
    Added 35 new galleries covering 19 recent parties. You’ll find them all here…

    Monday, 21 April – *Comment*
    I created a pay pall account recently in order to allow us to accept donations. If you like the site, you’re invited to offer us a small contribution. We’re run entirely thanks to volunteer effort and hardware hand outs… That said, I’ve also updated the site with more than new 30 articles and news updates. You’ll find them here, here, here and here.

    Monday, 18 March – *Comment*

    Two things:

    Regarding Iraq, I feel it’s very important for me to stress that I strongly disapprove of the coalition of the willing’s stance on Iraq. Whatever your views, please consider making your opinions felt immediately. They matter!

    Regarding problems you may have had in trying to access the site recently. Our ISP messed up, dropped our zone information off their name servers and took us offline for a few days. If ever there’s a problem again you can reach me through Also it’s worth noting that in future you might want to try using our IP address url][/url if the site happens to be unreachable.

    Wednesday, 5 March – *Comment*
    Added some new party pictures from some recent squat parties and a club night in Amsterdam, as well as a small pay event in Groningen in Northern Holland. You can browse all here.

    Wednesday, 5 February – *Comment*
    Added some news articles and news reports for the month. You can browse them here, here and here.

    Thursday, 23 January – *Comment*
    On a serious note I’ve added a new poll asking whether you support your governement’s plans to wage war on Iraq. You can register your votes here.

    Thursday, 23 January – *Comment*
    Added a new hosted domain:

    Wednesday, 22 January – *Comment*
    Added lots more new pictures, you’ll find them here…

    Monday, 20 January – *Comment*
    Added some new party pictures today which you’ll find here…

    Tuesday, 30 December – *Comment*
    Added 5 new picture galleries, including pictures from the Outback Eclipse Festival in South Australia which took place at the beginning of this month. You’ll find these new pictures here, here, here, here, here and here.

    Sunday, 29 December – *Comment*
    Added a series of news and article updates for January, given that it’s been a very hazy holiday so far, I decided to update the site earlier rather than later. Anyway, you’ll find each of these here, here and here.

    In the meantime, here’s wishing you all a happy new year whatever you have planned. It’s been a great year for the site, thank you for your support!

    Wednesday, 17 December – Updated – *Comment*
    Added 10 news pieces to our rave news section. You’ll find them here…

    I migrated our forums to new software today. Thankfully I was able to bring your user information and most of your posts over from the old board. Your established login will still work, although you will need to reset your avatars in “your profile”. Hope none of you mind the change too much and aren’t put off by the bugs I still have to sort out.

    New features to look at includes a members list, a calendar for events (parties) and birthdays. Read this new board’s FAQ and browse through your profile menus for more details…

    Tuesday, 16 December – Updated – *Comment*
    Several things… Our guestbook works again, you can try it out here. Dirty Circus is online for a little while. They’re having problems with their server and message board. However they’re working to fix it and will be back early next year. In the mean time, I’ve posted a movie of the winter party they put on recently which you’ll find here.

    Monday, 09 December *Comment*
    Fixed our reader’s polls. It’s been offline since we built the new system and on my list of things to get to. Also although I thought I’d fixed our guestbook as well, it seems I haven’t. I’m working on it though…

    Tuesday, 19 November *Comment*
    Added 14 very interesting new reports to our drugs section. You find them all: here and here.

    Thursday, 15 November *Comment*
    Added a party video of the Life4Land crew having their fun to our downloads section, you’ll find it here…

    Wednesday, 14 November *Comment*
    There’s a new domain hosted on the site this week belonging to a Drum and Bass crew called Dissident Faction.

    Tuesday, 12 November *Comment*

    Steart Beach: Police Operational Review summary

    Andrew Drane, BA Assistant Chief Constable (Specialist Operations)


    30 August 2002

    Dear Mr

    This is a general letter being sent to all concerned parties who contacted the police in connection with the unlicensed music event which took place at Steart Common on the weekend of the 1 June 2002.

    The investigation into the policing of the event by Chief Inspector Watson has been concluded and a summary of the conclusions is outlined below. However it may first be beneficial to give some background information into the policing of the event. This will be followed by an attempt to answer some of the issues raised and to offer some indication of the way forward.


    The Avon and Somerset Constabulary has a policy in relation to the policing of raves and other unlicensed music events of this type. It is a robust policy and has four general aims;

    – where possible we will prevent these events from occurring, – where possible we will close down events which are already taking place, – we will minimise the impact on the local community, and – we will identify and target the organisers of such events to obtain evidence and prosecute for offences where appropriate.

    The policing of this event started at approximately 7am on the 1 June 2002 with a pre-planned operation as a result of internet information suggesting that there would be a rave somewhere in the Bristol area over that weekend. The internet site providing information gave the normal general information telling potential ?ravers? to meet at a motorway service station near to Bristol at 6pm. This operation was commanded at force level from our Portishead HQ.

    Historical evidence suggested that a favoured site for this type of large scale event was Inglestone Common on the South Gloucestershire/Gloucestershire border. This belief was somewhat reinforced by the actions of some of those involved attempting to make their way onto the common. These efforts were frustrated by police intervention.

    As a result of this, the ?ravers? dispersed and small groups were sighted throughout the region. Attempts were made to monitor their movements with a view to identifying the next possible location of the event.

    It is fair to say that the majority of the designated resources were concentrated in the northern part of the force area.

    The first reports of an incursion at Steart Common were reported to the police at 5.06pm. District officers were sent and attempts were made to prevent further access to the common by those officers.

    By 5.20pm a report from one member of the public estimated that there were 200 people already on the beach. This suggested that this was a well organised incursion and within a very short time significant numbers of people had descended on the area, making it very difficult for the local officers to deal with.

    Officers deployed in the original operation were directed to Steart; many of these were prevented from reaching the actual site by the ensuing congestion and deliberate obstruction of the highway. The local officers received threats and intimidation from those attending so, on the grounds of officer safety, the decision was taken to remove the road checks and allow access to the common.

    It was not possible to deploy sufficient officers to the location to safely deal with the large numbers already on the common and those intent upon reaching it. Many of the officers had been on duty for a considerable length of time and were stood down from duty. By midnight there were estimated to be in excess of 1,000 people in attendance.

    The policing of the event and the surrounding villages was then passed to the local officers with support provided by headquarters departments. A plan was put in place to provide regular patrols of the local villages and monitor the activities on the site.

    A senior detective was nominated to organise the evidence-gathering phase. However, the following day there were several serious crimes reported in other areas of the force, including two murders, which required the re-deployment of some of the available resources away from Steart Common. This was in line with force policy which stipulates that ?the overriding consideration by the senior officer dealing is whether the action proposed by the police is proportionate to the disruption the event is itself causing? taking into account other existing policing priorities.

    The policing of the Steart event was regularly reviewed over the weekend and it was agreed that in the circumstances it should continue at local level.

    Summary of Conclusions

    1. The officers deployed to the common acted in a professional manner and attempted to prevent this event taking place under testing circumstances.

    2. The Avon and Somerset Constabulary were unable to achieve its objectives as outlined in the force policy due to particular circumstances;

    § This was an apparently well orchestrated incursion onto the common with no prior intelligence, and in such circumstances it will remain unlikely that sufficient staff will be readily available to prevent such events.

    § There was a lack of knowledge of this location as a possible site amongst some of our commanders; this resulted in difficulties surrounding identifying the exact location of the event and deployments of staff.

    § The evidence gathering required to justify seizure of the sound equipment and prosecution of the organisers did not take place ? the detectives allocated the task were re-deployed to other duties.

    § The reassurance patrols that took place were not sufficiently frequent or visible to be effective.

    3. Previous attempts to harden this site against future incursions have been frustrated by the actions of some local residents who sympathise with the ?ravers?.

    4. The Local Authority Environmental Health Officer refused to attend the location as this event was not deemed an emergency and therefore not necessitating the call out of an officer from home.

    Many of the points identified have been resolved already:

    § Further target hardening has taken place at Steart and discussions are continuing with the various interested parties with a view to securing the site permanently. The importance of all partners being committed to finding long term and sustainable solutions cannot be overstated. However it must be realised that there is no ?quick fix?. Such a solution cannot be provided solely or mainly by the police.

    § The policing of raves and the importance of early intervention has been brought to the forefront of every Commander?s mind. It has been pleasing to see the positive steps taken on at least five occasions since to prevent these events at other locations within the force.

    § The issue with the Local Authority not recognising this as an emergency and thereby not supporting the police with Environmental Health Officers is subject of separate discussions. These issues are not as yet resolved.

    § Identification of potential future sites across the force has been completed. Detailed maps have been prepared of these sites to assist with policing future events.

    In conclusion, I accept that this event was not policed to the standards that I or the community expect. It is quite understandable how many within your community felt abandoned by the Constabulary even though that was not the case. I apologise if that was your perception.

    The police alone cannot take full responsibility for preventing this type of event from occurring. For us to successfully fulfil our obligations there needs to be commitment and desire by all other interested parties, including the local authorities, land owners and the local community. The bank holiday weekend (23 ? 26 August) was the next potentially vulnerable time for the force and local plans were implemented to deal with any events. An event did in fact occur on Exmoor, the sound equipment was seized and the event was halted. Much of the success of this operation was due to the lessons learned from Steart Common.

    I have attempted to rationalise the events of that weekend and hope this goes some way to addressing your concerns and fears for the future.

    The Avon and Somerset Constabulary does, and will continue to, take a robust stance in respect of this type of event. We accept that for many reasons we were unable to take that stance in relation to Steart Common on the weekend of 1 June 2002. We will endeavour to ensure that these events are not repeated but with finite resources and often conflicting demands no guarantee can or should be made.

    If I have not addressed your individual concerns or you wish to discuss any aspect of this matter further please contact Sergeant Martin King at the address above.

    Yours sincerely

    ANDY DRANE Assistant Chief Constable (Specialist Operations)

    You can browse pictures from the party in question [a Feeling of Life – Teknival UK 2002] here and read a press report about it here.

    Monday, 11 November *Comment*
    Apparently the situation at the Moot in the Mist was made worse by aggression directed at the police. It’s easy to comment after the fact. But I can’t stress enough how there’s never a good reason to be aggressive towards the police, no matter what they do. It only serves to vindicate their behavior and antagonise them.

    Dialog and peaceful resistance are the only way!

    Monday, 4 November *Comment*
    Version 1.6 of Project SCIM the secure encrypted chat client we’ve been promoting is now available for download. Conferencing is one of the new features available…

    Thursday, 24 October *Comment*
    Added a links page, you can promote your sites here.

    Tuesday, 15 October *Comment*
    Added a much better quality version of the free party set with Dj Easygroove from 1991 to our downloads section and three new picture galleries. You can browse these new galleries here, here and here.

    Saturday, 11 October 2002 *Comment*
    Last weekend the Moot in the Mist saw some trouble. Apparently the police moved in to close the party in riot gear and on horse back. Knowing these operations are expensive, you have to keep asking yourself whether this is money well spent by the police…

    In London a number of local systems had a meeting this week to address issues they’ve seen at their parties. Most importantly attacks and muggings against party goers by criminal elements. Already having agreed to a policy of zero tolerance a long time ago. They’ve decided to renew their efforts suggesting serious reprisals against offenders, so the word is you should expect safer partying in London over the coming months. Finally, a series of posters was made up for party organisers to use denouncing bad behavior. You can browse and download these posters here.

    Thursday, 10 October 2002 *Comment*
    Added 8 new picture galleries all from parties this summer. You’ll find them here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

    Monday, 7 October 2002 *Comment*
    The site should be coming back to normal, in the mean time I’ve found the time for some small improve-ments. Amongst other things you can now search our public mail list archives.

    Sunday, 6 October 2002 *Comment*
    We had a problem causing us to be offline for most of the last week. If you have an account with us and you’re having any problems please write in to:

    Tuesday, 24 September 2002 *Comment*
    Added 20 articles and news items to our drugs section, some of them are backfill. You can read them here and here.

    Sunday, 22 September 2002 *Comment*
    Added some news articles and news reports. You find them: here, here and here.

    Saturday, 21 September 2002 *Comment*
    Expanded our drugs awareness section to include news report, added some new party movies (courtesy of the Tribe of Munt), a new poll and a party report from Dutchtek 2002.

    Thursday, 05 September 2002 *Comment*
    Added 25 new articles to various sections of the site which you’ll find here, here and here. Also starting this month we’re hosting the Sokaid collective’s web site.

    Sunday, 11 August 2002 *Comment*
    Version 1.04 of Project SCIM our secure encrypted chat client is now available for download here. If you had trouble connecting to our server in the past the problem should have been resolved in this updated version.

    Friday, 9 August 2002 *Comment*
    Added some video footage of the mutant dance bust showing the raid and BBC News coverage. You’ll find the movie: here.

    Also there’s a running appeal for more witnesses to come forward to back up the party goers’ claims that the police used excessive force when the broke up the party. And a meeting next Tuesday 13th in the Greenbank Pub, Bellvue Road, Bristol, UK for people who want to sue the police. A solicitor will be present to give advice. Witnesses to events required to attend etc. Bring any photos or evidence you may have. If you have a grievance you should contact Matt who’s helping coordinate the action.

    Wednesday, August 7 2002 *Comment*
    Added two news stories. The first covers the return of Afghan Heroin to the world’s drugs market, the second the production of ECSTASY in the Netherlands. You can read both pieces here and here.

    Tuesday, August 6 2002 *Comment*
    Added another short piece about Fat Boy Slim’s recent Brighton party.

    Monday, August 5 2002 *Comment*
    Added a series of updates to the site. The articles I’ve added are here, here and here, while the news updates are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

    Monday, July 22 2002 *Comment*
    Reports of police brutality have been coming in today regarding the manner in which a Mutant Dance event was broken up on Sunday morning in Bristol. You can read both a party goer’s report and the police’s version of events here and here.

    Friday, July 18th 2002 *Comment*
    Added a hilarious piece about Fat Boy Slim’s Brighton beach party disaster as well as some others interesting news reports. You can read them here, here, here and here…

    Tuesday, July 16th 2002 *Comment*
    Updated our forums to fit with the rest of the site’s layout more neatly. Also, changed the purpose of our Parties section to include some of the contents of Rave News page which was getting too cluttered.

    Wednesday, July 03rd 2002 *Comment*
    Added 3 new series of photographs to our picture galleries. You can browse them: here, here and here.

    Tuesday, July 02nd 2002 *Comment*
    Added a news update for July. You can read each of the articles: here, here, here and here.

    Thursday, June 27th 2002 *Comment*
    Added a set of pictures from a rocking warehouse party I was at in Amsterdam last weekend (Harmonic Convergence) and a series of pictures shot around London last year at various parties including Temporary Autonomous Arts (Lawrence about London).

    Tuesday, June 18th 2002 *Comment*
    Added 10 new picture galleries of picture taken in and around Amsterdam’s free party scene this spring. You can browse them all here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

    Monday, June 10th 2002 *Comment*
    Added a news report on last weekend’s Jubilee teknival, you can read it here…

    Sunday, June 2nd 2002 *Comment*
    Uploaded a new tool for download called ProjectSCIM. ProjectSCIM is a secure instant messaging tool, allowing you to chat online in complete privacy. You can download it here.

    Added a new poll, register your vote here…

    Friday, May 31st 2002 *Comment*
    Uploaded three new psytrance mixes by Dj Lurk to our downloads page, all three are encoded at 192kbs; and completed a news update for June…

    Sunday, May 12th 2002 *Comment*
    I received a hilarious e-mail recently, here’s what they wrote:

    Original Message

    Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2002 2:24 PM
    Subject: any help regarding E

    hey i am from the usa, and im looking for an E supplier that does not fuck around .
    I just lost my connection any advice on where to find another ? Thanks

    Reply Message

    Subject: Re: any help regarding E
    Date: Friday, March 01, 2002 8:25 AM

    no problem:


    Saturday, May 04th 2002 *Comment*
    Added a very good piece called: ‘Peace, love, dancing and drugs in America’ as well as 30 more articles to our news archives which you can browse: here. And I should welcome anyone using Netscape as a browser back to the site. I found a bug this morning which probably stopped you browsing the site somewhere in late January this year. I’m sorry for the disruption, as of next week you should be able to browse all areas of the site again…

    Tuesday, April 30 2002 *Comment*
    Tuned-up our search engine, you should find it more helpful…

    Friday, April 26 2002
    Added a new poll, you’ll find it: here.

    Monday, April 22 2002
    Uploaded a series of pictures from a number of parties last year in Europe including VooV and Antaris, you can browse them here. Added three news reports, you can browse them: here, here and here.

    Sunday, April 14 2002
    Added pictures from a recent party which took place in Amsterdam harbour last February: Cosmic Trip Ship.

    Saturday, April 06 2002

    We’re asking for offers of legal aid and advise on behalf of 3 sound systems from Brighton (Warped, Technophobia and Kymera) after equipment they were getting ready to use for a party was unlawfully impounded by the police. Whether you can recommend a friendly lawyer or you’ve been through a similar experience, we need to hear from you!

    You can write in: here and and read about what happened here.

    Friday, April 05 2002
    Uploaded pictures from two recent pay events organised by free party people, Hoi Pol Loi 3 and Magic.

    Thursday, April 04 2002
    Updated our articles and news section with three news pieces; you can read them here, here and here.

    Wednesday, April 03 2002
    Added 3 new breaks mixes by the PVC’s own Dj Haze to the download section, you’ll find them here…

    Wednesday, March 20 2002
    Added a new poll, you can register your vote here.

    Wednesday, February 27 2002
    Added four new picture sets to our picture galleries. You can browse them: here, here, here and here.

    Thursday, February 21st 2002
    Added a poll asking what you think of vandalism at parties. You can vote: here.

    Wednesday, February 20th 2002
    Added two new sites: and the molotov sound system homepage.

    Saturday, February 16th 2002 have set up a chat room for free party talk on IRC (EFNET #dirtycircus). Drop in for a chat by clicking: here.

    Friday, February 15th 2002
    New system hosted on partyvibe today: Shockwave.

    Thursday, February 14th 2002
    Finished updating the site and brought a lot of new material online.

    Thursday, January 24th 2002
    The site redesign is almost done although some (smaller) sub sections of the site are still offline, I’m pro-bably 3/4 of the way through. As well as updating the look and layout of the site, I’ve done a shed load of work behind the scenes and fixed numerous bugs. Amonsgt other things the mail lists now have fully wor-king web pages allowing you to subscribe, unsubscribe and change your membership options easily. Once again please let me know if you spot any problems or bugs, I really need that feedback…

    Thursday, January 17th 2002
    Added a basic polling page to the site…

    Tuesday, January 15th 2002
    Added a new hard trance/acid techo set by Dj Dee and a hardhouse set to our downloads section.

    Friday, January 11th 2002
    We’ve had trouble with the site this week, although web services kept running our hosted domains, ftp and email we’re down for some time. We’re very sorry about this, certainly we take our service very seriously and hate to see this happen. Expect a mail from us over the weekend with a more detailled explanation of events and what we’re doing to stop them from ever happening again. Thank you for your patience…

    Friday, January 04th 2002
    Added pictures from Pan!k’s party in London on New Year’s Eve to our party pictures archive…

    Happy New Year 🙂

    Friday, December 14th 2001
    I’m pleased to say that our internet radio streams are working again and that I’ve updated the high resolution stream with 12 hours of Drum and Bass mixes…

    Sunday, December 9th 2001
    We’re going offline briefly tommorow evening (Monday 9th) around 6.30pm GMT while partyvibe receives a hardware upgrade. We’re hoping for only a little interruption and for the box to be back online within roughly 2 hours.

    Since we’re loading the site onto a new disk I wouldn’t update your sites from now onwards since you risk losing any changes. Thanks.

    Thursday, November 22nd 2001
    Brought a new hosted domain online:

    Wednesday, November 7th 2001
    Added 16 new galleries to our party picture archive, fixed a problem that lead the banner exchange to port people to random links and added two new mixes for download…

    Thursday, November 1st 2001
    We served 103939 individual pages of HTML last month (excluding our hosted domains which were not monitoring yet). 16446 unique visitors were recorded, each visited the site an average of 1.63 times during the month for a total of 26883 visits.

    Top visitors by domain were:
    com 28827 pages of HTML
    ip (unresolved addresses) 20572 pages of HTML
    net 15689 pages of HTML
    uk 10660 pages of HTML
    nl 5037 pages of HTML
    fr 3073 pages of HTML
    sp 2855 pages of HTML
    ca 2415 pages of HTML
    edu 2388 pages of HTML
    au 1557 pages of HTML
    be 1072 pages of HTML

    86.4% of visitors to the site were using some version of Internet Explorer to browse, while 8% were using Netscape.

    Operating systems breakdown:
    Windows 98: 40.5 %
    Windows 2000: 15 %
    Windows Me: 14.1 %
    Windows NT: 8.8 %
    Windows 95: 6.5 %
    Mac OS: 5.8 %
    Unknown: 5.1 %
    Windows XP: 2.1 %
    Linux: 0.7 %

    The top 3 search engine keyword searches that lead people to the site were:
    “party pictures”: 3.4 %
    “pictures of drugs”: 1.2 %
    “ecstasy pictures”: 0.9 %

    And “dachshund pictures of” brought 0.2% of search engine users to the site 🙂

    Wednesday, October 31st 2001
    Added 39 new galleries to our party picture archive.

    Saturday, October 20th 2001
    Came in this evening to find that some genius had sent an email (the “SLOPSHOP RECORDS NEWSLETTER”) to EVERY email address listed on partyvibe. I’ve written to complain to their internet service provider, do the same if you received this rubbish as well. The address to complain to is:

    Also our internet radio provider upgraded their servers on friday night, you should definetely notice better performance. Tune in here…

    Thursday, October 11th 2001
    Good news. We’re 90% sure we’re able to confirm november the 17th 2001 as the date for the next Hoi Pol Loi.

    Our first event in june (lineup: Mick Chaos, Troy, Matt Boom and Lurk), on the weekend of the summer solstice, was a hit and we’ve been preparing another since then. Most notably if we get the go ahead we’ll be holding this party on two boats in Amsterdam harbour (one will be the main dance floor, the other a chill out area)!

    Anyhow, for this next event pencil the 17th of next month into your diaries. Tickets will be limited at around 200, this party’s going to be friends and family only…

    I’ll forward more exact details as soon as I have them 🙂

    Our URL: Hoi Pol Loi

    On a side note I added two new sites to our hosts: Net Werk 23 and Dimension X.

    Monday, September 24th 2001
    Added pictures from Amsterdam’s Robodock arts, music and performance festival.

    Tuesday, September 18th 2001
    Added a piece on the uk’s first coffeeshop/medical marijuana center, opened last weekend in Manchester…

    UPDATE: “The ‘dutch experiment’ needs your help. Drop in for a soft drink and a chat, this is important, the shop needs to be active to survive…” ed.

    Sunday, September 16th 2001
    Added a party report from Solaluna in Greece and a reprint of a series of older interviews.

    And now a few lines about what took place on Tuesday in the United States:

    I’m afraid because I live in a world where it’s possible for the events of a few days ago to take place. Because there are people in this world distressed and motivated enough to bring themselves to commit such horrible crimes. Because I don’t believe these were brainwashed zealots without conscience, but determined souls who knew what they were doing and who had reconciled their actions.

    I’m scared because we’re not asking why they did this and similarly to the the way in which we’re dealing with a number of other social issues, the powers that be have chosen to be reactive rather than deal with the causes of the attacks and that we’re making matters worse in the process.

    I’m distressed that the world I live in doesn’t understand that the cost of war outweighs it’s supposed benefits and that innocent people suffer as a result. Because we haven’t learned yet, that terrorists can be as good as their enemies at protecting themselves from attack and that again, innocent people will suffer. That we haven’t registered that you can only wage a war against a country not a political organisation or terrorist group.

    Finally I’m angry because these people (the middle east) need our help and we’re making their lives worse!

    Of course this is only my humble opinion, but I urge you to forward this mail to your friends but very much more importantly, to consider making a donation to a charity with programs in the middle east and third world quickly…

    To the families and friends of those who suffered Tuesday, please accept my deepest sympathies.

    Note: Recommended reading on the subject are Noam Chomsky’s and John Pilger’s reactions, as well as those on

    Saturday, September 1st 2001
    Added pictures from last weekend’s Dutchtek to the pictures archive, many thanks pepcid.

    Tuesday, August 28th 2001
    Dutch Teknival news:

    “Some really sad news from Holland. After 16 hours of party the Dutch police has made an end to our teknival with a ridiculous and money wasting police intervention. 650 riot police (from the whole Netherlands), choppers, communication cars were used during the intervention. The reason: the teknival was forbidden. The teknival has become a big media hype in Holland, and I’ve heard a lot of stupid arguments, like: no toilets, too dangerous (it was near a refinery but there were huge fences around it, and also the pipes mentioned in the media, were surrounded by huge fences). It’s was a large wasteland and we didn’t bother anyone. One cop got a bit hurt because he tried to stop a car who broke through the blockade, by hanging on the side window, after 50 meters he fell off the stupid fuck making the blockade go away right after. In the morning we could read in the press that they would tolerate the teknival but it seemed that someone made another decision. Maybe Shell, because it’s was at shell’s grounds.

    But, the really fucked up thing of this all is that they fucking CONFISCATED ALL SOUND SYSTEMS and are planning to keep them. Kamikaze/Latitanz has been confiscated as well as a lot of others (There were about 30 sound systems). Some made it but the larger vans are all confiscated. Fucking nazi’s!!!! Something like this has never been happened somewhere in Europe and certainly not in Holland we couldn’t imagine it. It makes me very sad and I hope to hear good news soon.

    The best to all”.


    Read about the event here: and visit the Dutchtek support forum on Network 23.

    Monday, August 27th 2001
    Here are some pictures from a party we found our way to on Saturday night, after a failed Teknival.

    Thursday, August 16th 2001
    Added three new mixes to our radio streams and removed some of the more commercial mixes that had crept in.

    Tuesday, August 7th 2001
    Reset our mp3 download counts today at 1145 files served. Also our mp3s are now only available in ‘.tar’ format as a work around to problem users were having with our cgi and some browsers. To play an mp3 after downloading it, double click the file and extract it using Winzip or other. There should be no more download problems I hope (let me know if there are). Thanks.

    Monday, August 6th 2001
    Two new sub sites come online today: Objects and Storm

    Thursday, August 2nd 2001
    Fixed a problem with our chat forums which was preventing people from registering… there’s no excuse anymore: go sign yourselves up!

    Wednesday, August 1st 2001
    Added a great party report from Solipse 2001 by andy. Go read it…

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