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      hi, i’ve just built my first pair of speakers, just a couple of 12″ drivers in a simple reflex box i designed on winISD. I’m only a novice, but i would appreciate links to sitew where i can find out more about sound systems and speaker designs (especially bass bins). I have shed loads of questions and i’ve been looking around the web but if anyone knows any good links for me than i would well appreciate you psoting them here. Cheers.


        Hello mate. welcome to the site.

        I can’t actually remember any sites at the moment but I know i’ve got ’em saved somewhere. I’ll post em up when I get the time.

        Also have a look out for the Eminence speaker cabinet design book. Its a black book that we happened to find in Maplins and it helped us out loads when we first started.


          theres this for speaker plans
          and Maplins is here
          also Studiospares might be of use too,theres Farnell as a comparison for Maplins

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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