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      (MAY 2005)

      Guy McAffer (the legendary acid techno pioneer and owner of the mighty Raw label) gives you an album full of top rocking techno

      ‘Special Needs Disco’ contains all his favourite musical influences moulded into the tough percussive driven Raw sound that has won an army of fans and has been much in demand by DJs as diverse as Rush, Billy Nasty, Andy Farley and Anne Savage.

      Guy McAffer has been producing front edge techno for the past ten years. Teaming up with the Liberator DJs, D.D.R. and D.A.V.E. The Drummer to produce tracks for Stay Up Forever, Smitten, Routemaster and Cluster, Guy McAffer was instrumental in defining the underground techno sound that was being shaped on the London Illegal warehouse party scene. As his reputation grew he has been in much demand on the international techno circuit particularly in South America and Australia for his exceptional live.

      01. I Wanna Be Your Dildo
      02. Crop Spraying
      03. Hammond Chips
      04. Botley Interchange
      05. Smoke Out The Mole
      06. Arrange The Orchestra
      07. Nutford Services
      08. The Flying Squirrel
      09. Painting The Ceiling
      10. Fucking Twats Treat Us Like Fucking Assholes (And Charge Us For It)
      11. Nelly & Roy
      12. Signing The Visitors Book
      13. Liquido De Frenez

      /me check da sound ! 10/10points


        my house mate picked this up plus the bonus twelve inch at a rave a few weeks ago. its quality bizznizz, heard his set, too, was proper bo.

        wish we’d done some more appropriate visuals, he deserved them. big dat shit up!

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