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      Hi all,

      We are new to these forums but would like to give you guys the opportunity to test out a new internet broadcasting product that came out today. We don’t want to break the forum rules of spamming, so we would love to see one of you guys post a review on our software (instead of us telling you what the product can do). You can check it out at our website: The trial is completely free. We are looking forward to your replies.

      Kind regards,

      Fluvius Media

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        Looks like a good idea (and I see you are based in NL so its likely to work well and sound good). I can see the appeal for younger people in a built up city area who have very fast and reliable broadband, or those who might still live in the family home and do not have money nor space to set up a traditional studio (and opa isn’t already running a pirate station from the barn which appears to be a popular hobby in the more rural areas of NL and DE), However in NL it does seem like a lot of teenagers do actually have entire EELA studio consoles or at least DJ mixers in their bedrooms (maybe their dads hand them down when they have upgraded their sound equipment) – so the only potentially really expensive bits for hobby broadcasters are the soundprocessing; and that can often be achieved using a low cost PC app from Japan and a spare PC (think how many across Europe are going to be decommissioned as they are on Windows XP).

        if this had been around when I was a lot younger (and ironically my paid job was at one point as a broadcast engineer) I would have signed up straight away; the only thing that prevents me doing it now is that these days I already own a fair amount of kit that does things “the old way”, and I know your resources are going to be limited, and have a full time day job (which pays double the salary I got in broadcast engineering) and wouldn’t be able to make enough use of your app for testing purposes and to give it a fair review.

        it does seem ideal for the student population in some more affluent areas of Northern Europe, and those communities that arise amongst fans of various computer games, provided that the commercial product is affordable (as it appears to still require a standalone computer of some sort running 24/7) but is already in competition with about 5 other freeware, open source or relatively low cost applications which do about 80% of what a small broadcaster requires, or the stream hosting companies own web based apps, which are often just enough for the hobby broadcasters and the online stations but not quite enough for the small community radio stations / “youth stations” in most countries which have to comply with certain regulatory requirements.

        And even younger people are increasingly wary of being forced into using a single website/app/host for their content and any tracking/advertising. As its beta software, the one issue I can see is that anyone who might already have a stream/server/playout software would want to be able to easily switch back and forth between various combinations of them. Even Hilversum, the BBC and the commercial stations have to do that, as their stuff on which they have spent about €100 000 of the taxes/investors money doesn’t always work correctly and/or the companies making it go out of business….

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