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      Hallo Partydudes and angels!
      Just found this site and thought it sounded cool!
      Im from Denmark and as you maybe know its the country where most young people drink alkohol..
      If you dont know a thing about Denmark, then let me tell you:
      NO drinking age
      Purchase drinks when your 16.
      Allowed to go clubbing at 18, but you can get in if you are above 175 cm high or just a girl.
      Cheap alkohol(Alkoholic drinks are cheaper then a bottle of water)
      Almost no cops and if there are they dont do anything unless your walking on the street with a joint or fighting.
      Most people start drinking when they are about 13 or 14 years old
      One of the most safe countries.

      So now you know a bit of what kind of culture i grew up in.
      If any of you are coming to Denmark this summer, let me know and we will having a blast!


        Velkommen til PartyVibe!

        Hvorhenne i DK er du i fra? Jeg bor ret nord for KBH….


          Velkommen til Partyvibe 🙂

          Jeg bor i nordjylland


            Hello I’m new too! I’ve visited Switzerland, but I would love to go to Denmark someday. FUNNY STORY……..after you mentioned the no age limit alcohol thing, I realized that my Brother and his Family just got back from vacation there! I don’t think he knew about the age limit thing with alcohol, cause my Niece…she is only ,like, 6. I don’t think he knew that, so I’m laughing and both mad at my brother…..more into the funny part though.

            Aside from that really funny moment, I always think of Denmark and your Imported cookies that come in a Tin Can. I grew up eating that stuff and seeing pictures of painted images from Denmark. It’s like TRADEMARK Grandma and Granpa eateries when you visit their house.

            Also, this was during my drug years……but do you guys still have royalty? I vaguely remember meeting a Fashion Designer from Hollywood, someone said she was royalty from that area (I’m not the type of person that treats people differently over others……). She very pretty, I tried to contact her when I was in Switzerland but the Denmark phone number she gave me was in Spanish. She was either in Hollywood or in Spain at the time. ALSO, I am almost certain she’s royal blood line because I met her the same I met a director that helped out Johnny Depp establish his acting career. That crowd is soo fun. If I ever bump into them again I would take them to parties left and right.



              Hi TheDane, welcome to partyvibe! I’ve been to Denmark once before, and although I was only there for 3 days I think, I thought it was a really lovely county very scenic with it’s old historical looking buildings (in Copenhagen) and the big river. Also I thought I’d accidentally arrived the same time as the tour de france bike race, but no, it turns out EVERYONE rides a bike xD.

              I may be going again either this year or next I think, I have like 3 different friends out there in different places, I have visited one (Sinner off of here) and will go up to the other end from Copenhagen next time to aarhus. My friend who I met maybe 8-10 years ago online whilst playing computer games lives there. He has visited me in England and stayed t mine before, so now it’s my turn to go and visit him. he wants me to smuggle him over a ton of mature English cheddar cheese as it’s soso expensive in Denmark compared to here (as it’s made here) What we pay like £3 for, it’s like £10-£20 I’m told!

              And for the record, yes I actually mean the edible cheddar cheese, and not cheese skunk ganja lol.

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