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      X- Wave – Direct – X – The dance floor will not shut up!

      A 3rd album for the X-Wave project, this time Collaboration between Dj Miko, Melicia and young new Dj’s like Roi Sela and Sandman.
      The full-on style plays in each one of the tracks, in a very nice clearly way.
      This album represents the combination between the old and the new.
      The old sound of Goa along with the new metal sound of today.
      Miko “adopted” the new generation and showed them the true meaning of trance music – the feelings, the emotions, and the togetherness… the heart of the music.
      Miko himself had always created music for the soul instead of the body. His music is very loving and emotional; it caresses your ear softly, allows you to be drown into it and sweeps you inside.
      The album itself is very powerful and energetic. The tracks, one by one, tells us a story that flow into each other as if they were one long track with ups and downs, sometimes hard and heavy and other times soft and clear.
      But always happy ending (Just like Miko’s crowd after his sets).
      Miko, that was one of the Trance genre creators, is making the old Goa style music that is rarely made these days and most of the new generation only heard about.
      It full feels you and yet makes you wait for more.
      Soon true:

      for booking and info’: drugless/usta office 035259066
      Psytekk – Space Syndrome

      Just 1 year after his debut album, dj Psytekk is back with brand new materials in a new album.
      Psytekk is Hanan Bitton, only 21 years old but full of talent.
      Hanan started playing trance music from a very young age, and was discovered by U.S.T.A during his army service, when he was only 19, which means he could only perform here in Israel and only on weekends and/ or vacations.
      Since then he finished his service and managed to perform all over the world, in places like Japan, Italy, Portugal and more.
      Hanan defines his music as a combination between tech-trance, psycadelic and full-on all together.
      Unlike “Good Purpose”, Hanan’s first album which is mostly dark full-on, “Space Syndrome” is much lighter. The new sounds he used are much more gentle to the ear and yet very energetic and happy for the body, the kind of music that sweeps everyone into the dance floor and won’t let them out.
      Each track tells its story and takes you on a psycadelic journey as it grows, it makes you feel as if you’re floating on a higher level for a few minutes and then softly putting you down.
      Only one year later but the boy had definitely matured, a lot of it thanks to the family he belongs to – U.S.T.A rec. and his mentor Zoo-B.
      The cd sale true
      For booking and info’ please contact
      usta office: shenakin 19 tel Aviv 035259066
      Drugless 1

      U.S.T.A strikes back with a brand new great Album, compiled by Dj Mid aka Assaf Miara.
      Assaf was discovered by Zoo-B, The owners of U.S.T.A records, dj and one of leading electronic Music producers in Israel. Since then Assaf played in many parties and big events, and then became one of usta’s residents. Today he’s also the A&R of usta and in charged of the artists and new comers.
      Drugless is a full-on trance album containing a verity of styles from different young artists, each with his unique sound and his personal touch.
      The album starts with “Mentalic” a beautiful, thrilling guitars track, by Psytekk (vs Danny), the young star in U.s.t.a’s sky who’s about to release he’s second album any day now.
      The 2nd and 4th tracks (“Efective Signel” and “Ediroll”) are by Zodiac, a 19 year old duo from a small southern town in Israel, about to release they’re album under U.S.T.A at the next few months.
      Cosmic Station (5. “Ohm Vision” ) the big promise from Portugal, were discovered by Assaf himself. Along with G-Light who is the Russian king of morning full-on and responsible for the 3rd track – “Alive Substance”. They are the only artists in the Album outside of Israel.
      Another notable Track is 9. “Fucking Time” by Ananda Shake, a multi talented couple. They’re debut album is about to come out under Utopia records any day now.
      In the Album you can also find tracks by Night Creatures, Narkotix, Optokoppler and Eliss.
      All of the artists in this compilation are young, bright and very talented. Each one of these fine artists is working on his personal premiere album these days, most of them will come out under U.S.T.A records or in one of U.S.T.A’s next compilations, This Album is they’re first step up.
      Each track is completely different then the other, and yet, they all give this freshness feeling, that comes out of all they’re energies and motivation.

      Loud Frequency
      DRUGLESS 2501-2
      Distribution by psyshop germany

      Track list

      1.PsyTekk VS Danny – Mentalic
      2.Zodiac – Effective Signal
      3.G – Light – Alive Substance (another mix)
      4.Zodiac – Ediroll
      5.Cosmic Station- Ohm vision
      6.Night Creatures – Esc
      7.Narkotix – Red Label
      8.Optokoppler – Sie nannten ihn locke
      9.Ananda Shake – Fucking time …
      10.Eliss – Karin
      For more info’please contact us at drugless 25


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