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      Loud frequency 2

      A fresh album from usta rec.

      The 2nd compilation in the series – compiled, again, by Dj Mid (Assaf Miara) that was discovered by ZooB (Dj, Producer and the owner USTA rec.) himself and now discovering new young talents on his own.

      Just like his older brother, Loud frequency 1 is a full-on trance album containing a verity of styles from different young artists, each with his unique sound and his personal touch. Here is some of what you can find inside…

      The album starts with a beautiful uplifting track – Kilimanjeroo by Digital Tribe – Shlomi Dahan (aka Solaris) a 24 year old from the north of Israel, Shlomi started to create music at the age of 19, now he is working on his debut album.

      The 3rd track – Mystical was made by Miditec – Miki Bibas, a 22 year old guy from Israel and also a half of the duo “Beat Hackers” (along with Guy). Miki is one of the biggest promises in the trance scene for this year, his sound and production point of view is the next stage of the Israeli sound.

      Up we go to number 4 – Xpand Yourself, which starts with a dash of brake-beat and develops into hard fullon scratches, written by Cosmic Station from Portugal and truly is a mind expender track…

      Track 5 – Fly High, belongs to Opptockopler, Olli and Tim – 26 from Germany, that had released they’re debut album – Replugged, on April 2005 under the label Drugless. The track starts very slowly and calmly and turns into a very reach and full of sounds track, that makes you feel as if you are in the middle of a huge outdoor rave and your flying high.

      The closing track of the album – Hypernova, belongs to Goasia. His name says it all – Goa style fullon track, with nostalgic sounds from the past hidden inside a super-modern track that makes you feel that the future is already here…

      A klik form your home:

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