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    Ok im doing a performance this saturday, its a cabaret and were doing an act based around a Kali ritual. We need music to go with it and I wondered if anyone knew of anytthing indian sounding (sitars etc) that becomnes something quite frantic, maybe gabber even?! Any ideas guys?


    Try Banco da Gaia – Last Train To Lhasa remixes?
    Otherwise try The Aloof ‘Cover The Crime’ album, think there’s one on there (quite long) that starts off waily and ends shunting along at breakneck.


    Try “the scratch” by Nitin Sawhney. Starts off chilled with sitar and indian female vocals, then goes into a kinda indian drum n bass beat after about a minute. I’ll send it u if u want to PM me an email address.


    psychedelic trance stuff? … can have a look in me collection for you no probs … pm me if interested with exactly what yee want and ill get on the case …

    lemme no dude 🙂


    Thabnks guys

    I did some torrent searches for the ones nik suggested but couldnt find them, cheese sent me the one he suggested and its cool, its drum n bass though and if there is somethin more techno’y or trancey yeah that wud be great, its got to be as indian sounding as possible, not too fussed about vocals, maybe the indian waling thing lol

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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