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      MyMusicStream was launched on 29th July, 2005 and is constantly developing with strong growth in members and web traffic.This site has been setup as a community for fellow musicians, music lovers and the music industry in general. The site aims at providing services and facilitating the interaction between the many artists, music fans and organisations involved in the music industry.

      I started this project because I have such an intense passion for music as a guitarist, singer and producer. After much thought about the music industry in general and internet technology ideas were developed and MyMusicStream was born.

      The support from the many artists and music lovers out there has been fantastic and I’m sure MyMusicStream will prove itself by becoming one of the best music communities on the web. If anyone would like to submit any feedback, suggestions or just talk about MyMusicStream in general the please do so in the community discussion forums.

      So anyway, what is MyMusicStream? Ok, its a place for artists to promote themselves online, gain airtime for music and music videos, interact with fans, gain exposure and much more. MyMusicStream undergoes constant development of current features along with extensive planning and development of many more.

      MyMusicStream – Online Music Streaming Radio & Free MP3 Music Downloads

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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