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    Hiya freaks,

    Moshin is good for people who don’t dance, I guess. A way of breakin people in, so to speak! Not that i’m gods gift to a dancefloor, but I really like seein people who dance, and who don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks about it. Youngsters take note, dancin is not about who is the best, its about the shared experience. People who are great dancers, but really know it, and play to a crowd, are a bit sad, really.

    IMHO its partly a generational thing, cos moshing pre-dates rave (twas a punk and metal thing, when i were a young un), by a considerable margin, and as such, was part of something rave culture was in the business of rejecting ie beer and violence and macho bollocks.

    I aint never seen it at a rave myself, but then i don’t particulaly wanna party wi kids, so thats fine. I really love the energy when a dancefloor really kicks off, but anyone who one wants to break my bubble, and start pushin me around, or elbows me in the face, is gonna get a proportional response, if you catch my drift. I don’t wanna wrestle with some smelly, droolin k’d up crusty, thank you v much, not even if they are female!

    Maybe thats just a reflection on the kind of folks at the parties i go to, tho.:groucho:

    Its nice to see the youngsters really makin somethin there own, though. Maybe they could start listenin to Perry Como records, on their comedowns ha ha! I’m quite into cardy-cool meself (bein a style guru, natch).:love:

    The other thing is what drugs you are on. I think certain drugs make you more aggresive (speed, coke, testosterone etc), others more fluffy.

    I don’t think moshin has much to do with xtc really, but people ought to be free, to do what they want etc,etc. Thats why they are called free parties…

    PS moshin is certainly better than bein a wallflower, anyway, and everyone has to start dancin somewhere! In my case, not until the ripe old age of 28!:crazy_diz


    i do like the feeling of the build up and then when it kicks in everyone has it and goes mad .. its great to watch.

    id like to be part of that but tbh im too feeble and would jus get crushed. so i stand around the edges doin my own thing which works for me jus fine 🙂


    I must admit, if i was 6′ 6″ and 14 stone, it might appeal a bit more.

    It just reminds me of havin to play rugby, at school. I hated it, i always ‘dropped’ the stupid ball, before the fat lads got anywhere near…

    So how many girls are in the average mosh then? reminds me of my greasy biker gig-going days, crowds of mostly long-haired men watching other long-haired men with impressive ‘finger work’.:groucho:

    Obviously, i thought it was good at the time…


    i would say moshing and dancing


    well as GL said the Mosh pit has evolved over the past few years
    its more intense and i have heard similar dodgy stories about groping etc.
    It means i have to spend alot of time securing the stack and keeping an eye on it .

    on a personal note if im off my nuts im in there with the rest of em ,and i know because im so tall i can accidentally catch people with my elbow ,so if you see me duck !

    as a DJ when you see that mosh pit errupt it just spurs you on even more and sends that tingle right down your spine:group_hug


    Its all about dancing. Personally i dont really see the appeal of moshing myself. A bit too agressive, all the aggression is taken out of me by the music(that is if its gabber or techno).


    i would say Dancing. grooving .kicking .ass shaking. moving,sliding,bumping grinding:crazy_dru ..doing what you wanna do to the beats….


    well i love to hit the mosh just as much as any other raver…

    Salsa, up close….damn….:wink:


    Personally, i will do both through-out the night

    AvatarRuff Beat Provider
    Sound-Guy wrote:
    Personally, i will do both through-out the night
    The only way to go!

    yeah why not! don’t really c the point personally, i like to bouce about,fall over get back up etc each to there own..have 2 say at one of my party’s everbody got bit carried away and the f!ng rig went over, fortunatley harm done just some fuct leads..

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