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      Dj Fabry Biography:
      Fabry ,a multi-talented DJ from Italy, stormed into the UK trance scene 4 years ago. He quickly became established as a firm favourite on the London underground scene, with thanks to the excellent Undertow parties and has seen his talent growing ever bigger under the mighty wings of Antiworld. His sets at Antiworld have rocked the dancefloors at venues such as the Stratford Rex, SE1 & the Fridge. He has had the privilege to play many great parties including Logic, Earthdance @ Brixton Academy, Alignment, Re-Birth, Tasty and the current residencies Antiworld, Atomic Energy and Undertow…Outside of London, his career has taken him to places ranging from Leicester to Brighton, Dublin and China. Musically, he is open to many styles, his favourites being hard trance and Progressive Psy Trance. Fabry is also a music producer and you can hear some of his material on DJ Peace’s “The Other Side Of Darkness” and the Antiworld CD. More of his releases will be coming soon on the forthcoming Antiworld records label. Fabry’s name on the psy scene is Metaphase and you can catch his sets at Psygate – now a well established psychedelic event. Now you can hear Fabry’s mix for Antiworld CD Vol 2. This is a selection of the best and most wanted tunes played at Antiworld parties – a mix of hard trance and psychedelic with a techno edge including tunes produced by regular Antiworld guests that will take you on a powerful trip on the spaceship Antiworld.

      “Metaphase” Cd Press:
      We would like to take this opportunity and thank you all for your endless support and strong faith in us throughout these years. We dedicate this CD to all of you Antiworld lovers and with this compilation we want to remind you of all the wicked times we had together, dancing our feet away in most London’s venues. The CD is full of all the stuff you have already heard and got so used to loving. We did not want to release any new material but simply wanted to bring back those feelings and amazing energy we shared in many Antiworld dance floors. This is a little special surprise from all of the Antiworld Crew, a CD loaded with your favourite killer tunes!!! This compilation will carry the energy of all the artists, from Dave the Drummer to Nuw Idol and from K90 to 1200 Mics including Residents Beamish and Pablo Gargano who got us lost with their infectious music and mind blowing tracks. This will be a journey into the Music with no barriers!!! Probably the only CD out there that can give you the best in Hard Trance as well as Techno and Psychedelic Trance…
      A bit like the Magic SEone Parties, really!!!!
      Track Listing:
      1) Volatile Nature by Volatile Headspace (Full Beamish Remix)Mesh Records UK
      2) Hydraulix 15 By D.A.V.E. The Drummer and Pat.trix Hydraulix Records UK
      3) Put the Fuckin’ Needle On The Record!!! By Dawn Patrol Cluster UK
      4) 1St Release “Ascent” (Original Mix) By The Matriarch The Netherlands
      5) Life Is The Poison By Nuw Idol Well Wicked Records UK
      6) Chemical Love Remixed By Wavestorm Aka Pablo Gargano Recover Records UK
      7) One Eyed Jack – Snatched (Big Room Mix) By A.Milliner UK
      8) Dreamer (Original Mix) By K90 Recover Records UK
      9) “Antiworld” By Dj Fabry Antiworld Records Unrealised UK
      10) Sataan By Nuw Idol Well Wicked Records UK
      11) Axel F (Vocal Mix) By Spacecorn Hypocrite Records The Netherlands
      12) “The Earthquake” By Next Generation Wicked Lab Italy
      13) Gun Flame By Smashing Guys Wicked Lab 030 Italy
      14) Be Safe By Dj Fabry & Dj Peace Antiworld Records Unrealised UK
      15) The Secret Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls “The Sixth Revelation”
      By 1200 Mics Tip World UK

      You can listen to Metaphase Cd on line on

      Antiworld The Indoor Festival Experience… “Spaceship Moving” By Dj Fabry…
      @ Antiworld : All Rights Reserved!!!!

      For Sale, Bookings & Information:
      Enrico Sorbello
      30 Carlingford Road
      N15 3eh London Uk
      0044 (0) 7940 527 867 (mobile)
      0044 (0) 208 365 89 18 (office)

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