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      Repping East London’s Slew Dem Crew, Grime Mastermind MC Kraze is one fiery orator. Taking to the mic with a furious vengeance, this is an MC on the move, a man with a plan and a clear vision for the future. The “Fire and Brimstone” EP is a call to arms, a statement of intent and the launching of a bold new vision in grime. Kaleidoscopic bass and endless swagger characterize the “Fire and Brimstone” EP. Featuring additional vocal support from MCs Scruffizer and RAGE, “Fire and Brimstone” sees Kraze trading verses with true Grime talent.

      A larger than life personality with a deeply emotive and visceral vocal delivery style, Kraze knows his way around the microphone. A rough edged comedian and street poet, Kraze brings color to his reflections of urban life. Elevating bass music and creating the next coming of the Grime Wave, MC Krave and the Slew Dem Crew are not playing around. The “Fire and Brimstone” EP is a fast paced and frenetic thrill ride. This is not easy listening but it will no doubt smash up a club or light up a festival set. All fans of hard edged urban bass music will wave their flags with pride to MS Kraze’s new EP. Fuel for the fire, bass weight for the soul, MC Kraze burning down the house!

      Signed to Sydney Australia’s Templar Sound, Kraze is a true professional. Hot off the heels of landmark early releases that helped define the then emerging Grime sound such as ‘On Your Block’, ‘Joyride’ and ‘Mission Riddim’, the “Fire and Brimstone” EP is Kraze’s triumphant return to the scene. After almost 10 years away, it is clear he’s been biding his time and sharpening his skills. Better watch out fam, Badman Kraze doing it again! A disciple of Esco, this Slew Dem Homie is street certified. If you are down with true UK Grime, step up and get Kraze!

      The “Firestone and Brimstone” EP sees worldwide release on July 29th. Available on all Grime Minded Digital Outlets, this is one EP you do not want to miss! Be sure to check out Kraze when he lights up a dance near you and be sure to pick up the “Fire and Brimstone” EP!

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    Forums The Vibe Introductions MC Krave Burning Up the Airwaves on New “Fire and Brimstone EP