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    New release on
    Jesus Loved You


    Marko Nastic – For All Rollo Members EP

    Format:12inch & digital

    Worldwide distribution by: Intergroove

    Tracks on this release:

    Nervira me sve
    Sreca, sreca, radost

    All tracks written and produced by Marko Nastic in 2007!

    It’s been a while since Serbia’s darling dared to introduce us to the devil in his pants. Although Marko’s second installment on JLY resembles more similarity with his debut U Are the Reason or recent hit singles Bordel and Sexy on Earresitible Musick. While Sreca sreca radost (Joy Joy Happiness) follows the winning formula of his recent releases with almost pervertly simple but excessively effective base line and bouncy squeaky main theme that can’t be missed on the dance floor, he returns to his roots on the B-side. Nervira me sve (Everything’s Getting on my Nerves) fuses his underground techno past with recently established it’s-got-to-have-good-drive Marko Nastic. This monster of a track starts discretely, almost shy. Then grows on the middles and evolves into an uplifting, euphoric track that will destroy the dance floor with its energy on the pick of the club night. Although they’re quite different, it’s hard to resist each of this two productions, so it’s not surprise early demos hit the nerve of some of the main goons on the scene.

    Selected Feedback:

    Flash Brothers:Nerviva Me Sve is very cool & our fave one here. Good fresh techy, electronic club music!

    Grooveliker: Nervira Me Sve – fucking shite – i gotta learn some Serbian ๐Ÿ™‚ !!! Sreca Sreca Radost – yeah, i definitely have to ๐Ÿ˜‰ …

    Marco G: Sreca Sreca Radost is a beautiful track. I love it , wonderful !!!

    Simon & Shaker: Loving Nervira Me Sve for the warming-up hours, very nice deep house production!

    Ruben / Armada: great tracks! quality minimal:)

    Terry Vernixx: Nervira Me Sve combines that evil bassline with sweet shimmering synths and pads…deliciously elegant. Love the Rhodes, too. Excellent drive in a most progressive way!Sreca, Sreca, Radost is definately the winner here…I will be playing this well into 2008. Fits perfectly with my DJ style. Funky and very forward thinking in the main riff. Love that bassline as well! Another brilliant JLY release.

    Tom Godwin: Sreca, Sreca, Radost is stand out track full support here at Turnmills (The Viceroy)

    Wehbba: Great bombs by Marko, one of this best releases lately for sure. Nervira Me Sve is the one for me.

    the designated area thanks!>

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