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      David Dennis’ new EP, “The Groove”, is a mind expanding exploration of rugged, inspiring and life-real urban music. “The Groove” is a bumping celebration of funky, high energy music. Across the EP’s six tracks, Dennis is able to explore the electrifying intersection between funk and hip hop, the end result, a classic sounding statement from an exciting young talent. David Dennis is part of a new breed of contemporary urban artists who are creating a new landscape of opportunity in the realm of creative expression. This is music with a purpose, made from the heart by a truly impressive new artist. If you don’t know David Dennis, “The Groove” EP is your perfect introduction to this rising star.

      “The Groove” EP is comprised of the tracks “Groove Intro”, “In a Perfect World”, “Nasty Dog (Heat)”, “Ride XVI”, “No One to Blame” and “Allure of the Game (Knee Deep)”. Self released, this must-hear new album is available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play among others. Featuring deeply moving lyrical content, party starting beats and tons of charisma from David Dennis’ highly entertaining vocal delivery style, this is a must-hear album!

      Hailing from Las Vegas in the United States, the artist known to the world as David Dennis has paid his dues. A recording arts graduate and the founder of his own independent imprint, Allure Recordings; David has made music the center of his life. On “The Groove” EP, he is able to create an innovative and engaging sound that connects him to musical influences such as George Clinton, Dre Dre, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Asap Rocky.

      If you are ready to bring some great new music in your life, you should check out Allure Recording artist David Dennis’ new EP “The Groove”. This is music about life itself with no filler. If you are ready to bring some vibrancy into your life, you are going to love the varied colors and textures of David Dennis’ exceptionally funky and deeply moving “The Groove” EP. This is one flow you are not going to want to let go!

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    Forums Music Music Promos Level Up with David Dennis’ “The Groove” EP