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    I am human
    I am anyman.
    I am a simple thought,
    a substance wrought.
    I am everything, a somebody,
    a distant and empty nobody.

    I am an Englishman, proud
    an African, Chinese, American Indian,
    yet nothing without my Anglo shroud.
    I am a Christian not an atheist no,
    I am Sikh, a Muslim, and a Buddhist with a long way to go.
    I am a sceptic yet fervent believer,
    I am immortal, and soon will die.
    Life and death, one the same,
    though I know not why.
    I know God well and God knows me
    Though the question is through whose eye’s
    and I’m yet to see.

    I get high on capitalism,
    and embrace the power of more.
    But hold dear community,
    and embrace the oneness for all.
    I’m in total control of all my deeds
    But God knows I depend on every one of you for all my needs,
    I love you and I hate you,
    so what are you gonna do?
    I demand you accept me
    Love me, or hate and reject me.

    Would it be for the best to dominate you?
    Dunno, ’cause without any you
    there ain’t much that’s new.
    I am myself and I’m all alone
    I am myself and on my way home,
    So what am I ? What is I ?
    I is a thought technician
    an infantile magician,
    I is I,
    yet We are we,
    We are I,
    and I is We,
    So chill, let’s just be.

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