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    CD : Dirty Friends And Freaks
    Label: Lamat Records
    Format: Digi Pack CD
    Produced By: Dirty Phreak & Friends
    Mastered By: Kashyyk (Mexico)
    Artwork By: Andrea Hernandez (El Salvador)
    Distributed By: Beatspace, Saikosounds, Psyshop, Goa store

    Feel the rhythm of this melody, into your soul…
    Through your veins, music flows…reach out to feel the unexplainable
    the feeling of ecstasy, the lovely musical orgasm
    let your body be one with the harmonious dance of energy
    that comes from the vibrations of the music
    let go of all physical limits, and explore the infinite merging in the cosmos
    with a flowing move, connecting within my true self… the unbounded creativity
    Dancing is more than simple art…


    Track list

    01) Antagon & Dirty Phreak – Portal Wrangling – 162 BPM
    w/p By Lars Peter (Germany) & Cesar Perez (Guatemala)

    02) Soo Spicey & Dirty Phreak – Freaks of Dynamics – 165 BPM
    w/p By Jonny Cakes (USA) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala)

    03) Cilium and Dirty Phreak – Ghad Dham Khidz – 174 BPM
    w/p By Chris Martin (San Diego California) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala)

    04) Highko & Dirty Phreak – San Pedro – 175 bpm
    w/p By High ko (Germany) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala)

    05) Arcek & Dirty Phreak – Fat Freddy’s Fat – 178 BPM
    w/p By Alejandro Rayas Rivera (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala)

    06) System Crash & Dirty Phreak – Overpowering Oscillations Of Sound – 178 BPM
    w/p By Michael Pröll (Germany) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala)
    07) DataLordz & Dirty Phreak – Data Yunkiez – 180 BPM
    w/p By Jorge Huerta (Mexico) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala)

    08) Gotalien & LimberTimbre & Parandroid & Dirty Phreak – Radiant Bouquet – 184 BPM
    w/p By & Alberto Zatta (Italy) & Carl Bradshaw (San Diego California) & Samuel Zimmermann (Germany) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala)

    09) Arcek & Dirty Phreak – Flying Poperto – 199 BPM
    w/p By Alejandro Rayas Rivera (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala)

    Lamat Records Website :

    Soon To be Released

    Samples Soon stay tunned

    Lamat Records Very Proudly Presents :: The Long Awaited CD Dirty Friends and Freaks :: Our Third Release (Produced By Dirty Phreak & Friends) The whole album has a clear, crisp sound and a new sheen of consummate professionalism, that really gives the songs an extremely uplifting boost. Our most accomplished album and undisputed masterpiece worked with truly exceptional artists. It’s an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding 2 albums. Enjoy the adventure of this psychedelic trance CD. Massive thanks to everybody who support Lamat Records.


    Hiya mah friend hope all is well there, I cordially invite you
    To hear the sample previews of Dirty Friends and Freaks CD – LAMAT RECORDS out very soon !!

    If you enjoy this cd show us some love by liking us on facebook


    For more Info go to

    Lamat Records ::: Lamat Records ::: Lamat Records ::: Lamat Records ::: Lamat Records ::: Lamat Records :::

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