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    Orchid-Star’s Pete Ardron has come together with singer, snake and fire dancer and Kundalini instructor Kwali Kumara to produce an album which wears 2 hats equally comfortably. Each track is built round an 11 minute repeated mantra delivered in such a way that they can be used easily in a Kundalini meditation context but put aside whatever preconceptions that might give you – anybody familiar with Pete’s other work will see the same ecstatic blend of psychedelic, world and classical, electronic and acoustic, in these six beautiful, intense musical journeys – this is most definitely also music for the listener (and dancer!) – psy-chill, dub, liquid drum & bass, progressive and other grooves wrapped in orchestral layers and sprinkled with Indian and Celtic colours.


    The CD also includes a 12-page booklet featuring the exquisite artwork of Pashet, the mantras with translations and explanatory text from Kwali.

    Available now on CD –
    and digitally from – – includes PDF booklet

    Available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Google etc. (but not Spotify, Deezer and Rdio) within the next few days.
    Available on CD from online/real shops globally (through Arabesque Distribution) from Jan 15th


    It’s now available from iTunes, Google plus Amazon and just about anywhere but Spotify or Deezer, who we didn’t want to have it

    And from today you can also get the CD online from major retailers like Amazon and psy and other music sites or (at least order it) from your local music shop

    It’s also available from certain specialist Kundalini or new age outlets such as

    You can still buy the CD and now also download the album directly from us at Pinkhampster – we’re also offering the album as a free download for anyone who buys the CD

    Check out a taster mix here:

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