Forums Radionics Pirate Radio Kool Fm 94.5-94.6; BBC documentary from 1996 on Pirate Radio in London.

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    interesting bit of history, ironic though that the Internet arrived soon after and finished off the paying careers for most of those DJ’s/producers. A few years later though things were getting worse, like plant rooms being booby trapped with live 230V cable, used syringes and all sorts to deter Ofcom…

    TBH when the UK garbage/urban scene started to get so fucked up it was actually enouraging people I nearly considered joining Ofcom (I was already in Government service at that time and there were positions available). I would have no problem about putting a baseball bat across the kind of “gunshots and bitches” type of music, though what put me off was that I wouldn’t be allowed my own Glock 17L to deal with those MCs who are the source of it as that was against human rights and it all had to be done “by the book”

    Baldock can see everything but they only take down TX’s now and then (if another broadcaster complains or their is airband interference); most of the time they just wait for metpol to gather enough info about a stations funding sources and then turn over the studio with them (full on raid with TSG, multiple Trojan (armed) units…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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