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      Hi there, just registered so that i can give a huge big up to the Bio-Tech and Environmentalist boys, and to say thank you for a fucking mental summer. Most people know me as Binge, I come from Bury and this is my second summer of partying. After my first party in 2002 (Stanton warehouse), and the 17 cosequitive parties after that, I am well and truely hooked.
      This summer was even better. I have to congratulate you on the standard of multi-rig parties; the mundford site was beautiful, and rebel lion ensured that we could’nt leave until gone 3 on sun. The mega-rig party in elveden was fucking spectactular; well bloody done!
      The only problem this year is Assassin’s poor attendence at the multi-rigs! Could someone do me a favour and give steve a kick up the arse! I would’nt mind if it was’nt such a mental system!

      Unfortunatly I have bogged of to uni in Brighton for the winter, so I managed to miss the last cavenham party, although i was getting calls until gone 8am by mashed friends telling me i’m in the wrong place! But no matter how good brighton is, you can guarantee i’m coming home for the raving season next summer!

      Just try and stop me.

      So thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a reason to get through the week. Big up to all the dedicated bury ravers back home; keep an eye out for ‘Bangers’n’Gash’ next summer; bury cru know how to party!

      A special thank you to my best friends and dedicated raving buddies; Sam, Allie, Ed, Mollie, Mimi, and Georgie- I love and miss you guys.

      Finally, massive respect to every single system and raver in the country, but especially those in East Anglia; the scene just keeps getting stronger and better; and i’m proud to be part of it.

      PLUR and Peaceout.


      Ps. Anybody got any numbers for Brighton?


        aww *blush*

        Thats very nice of you to say so Binge! It means a lot to us!!! I’ll be sure to tell the rest of the crew and the Enviro massive.

        Don’t know if i’ve ever met you but at the next party you will have to come and say hi.

        As for brighton i’d check out innerfield soundsystem. Not sure of any numbers around there but maybe the BASS website can help. I think its but if not its on the Bio-Tech site links page.

        Thanks once again! Very kind words.


          Oh, and welcome to partyvibe mate! Good to have you along.


            Yeah welcome to party vibe binge, like Bio-Tech don’t know if I know ya but I’m sure if you go to Kan and Bio-Tech parties then you must have bumped into me at sometime. Shame you’re down there in Brighton because that means ya gonna miss a Bangerz bash this weekend unless you can get back for a mid semester break? If you do look me up I will be there as will Bio-Tech and… well I keep that a secret:D If not we’ll see ya in the summer.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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