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      Hi all

      I am from Cornwall, England (home of Aphex Twin) and I think my first exposure to electronic music was a Jurgen Vries CD I bought at a car boot sale when I was 12 or something. I listed to some crap music through my teens (didn’t we all?) but also got into happy hardcore, starting off with some of the cheesier sounds but soon earned an appreciation for all styles of hardcore right back to the bouncy tracks from the early 90’s.

      I now listen to a whole bunch of electronic music depending on mood and activity but it tends to always be above a 140BPM. DnB, UK Hardcore, breaks, fidgit, trance, psytrance, garage etc. Going out around here is a little frustrating because the DJs are not brave enough to throw on — or perhaps have no appreciation for — kick drum led tracks above 140BPM. I can appreciate a good house song but it is a proper tease not having anything even a little harder.

      I was living closer to the Devon border before and managed to get to some free parties which were good craic. First one I got to was Digga Sound System and it was fucking mint. I almost got to UKTek when it was on Dartmoor a few years back but after blagging it through the police roadblock I got to the party to find loads of people trying to hitch home and the sound systems turned down to a minimum 🙁 And all the years since I have forgotten about it until it is too late 🙁

      Anyway, glad to see this forum still has life in it. I set up a forum of my own about 10 years ago and activity has dropped loads (partly my own fault) — in some ways it feels as if we’ve seen the golden age of internet communities. But enough rambling, I am off to post! :weee:

      Just realised forums =/= forums :S, copy and paste time.

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