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    For Immediate Release
    Contact: JMWest Entertainment
    Jean-Michel Soupraya
    Founder & Chariman
    9701 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1000
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    855-2JMWest x 701

    LOS ANGELES, Calif., August 10, 2013 — JMWest LIVE! announced its line-up for it’s upcoming August 15, 2013, showcase, to be held at the main stage of The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard.

    Born out of Thousand Oaks, Trash Honey is a four-piece acoustic/electric act that combines influences from alternative country, delta blues, rock, punk, psychedelia, and folk music to create a fusion greater than the sum of its parts. Known for their harmonies and energy, Trash Honey has performed numerous showcases at SXSW in Austin, TX as well as locally throughout Los Angeles and Malibu—where they serve as the house band at The Old Place every Friday and Sunday. Their upcoming EP, Might As Well, is scheduled for release this September.

    Sarah Kaplan started playing music as soon as she grew tall enough to reach the piano keys, and from there, she was hooked. Somewhere in her tween years, she was taught four chords on an old nylon string guitar by a man with one arm in Mexico. She quickly embraced her love for guitar, exploring the instrument to the fullest. Around age sixteen, Sarah found her own unique sound that suited her voice. Sarah is currently writing and recording her first EP.

    Steps of Doe’s Molly Falck and Keena Batti met in the summer of 2011 at Cambridge University in England, where they spent more time playing music together than actually studying. Strange that, although they went to the same school in the United States, they would have to travel over 5,000 miles to meet. When they returned to UC Berkeley, they decided to turn their impromptu jam sessions into a full-time band, creating Steps of Doe. Since graduating and returning to their hometown of Los Angeles, the duo met up with bassist Devon Geyer and drummer Burleigh Drummond to begin writing and recording their first album.

    From talent shows in elementary school to winning Spring Sing 2011, UCLA sophomore Courtney Randall has been singing and performing anywhere and everywhere. She recently taught herself to play acoustic guitar so she could write and compose songs of her own. Courtney is in the process of writing and recording her music in Los Angeles, while also pursuing a psychology degree. Keep an eye out for her debut EP, which is expected to be released later this year!

    Adam, Brett, and Brian began playing together in Palm Desert during middle school and continued through college. While studying music in Los Angeles, Adam met Christina who was doing the same. Upon returning to the Coachella Valley, Adam reunited with Brett and Brian where Christina soon joined, keyboard in tow. Since their founding in 2008, Caxton has released a self-titled debut album, a full-length record entitled Plotting a Murder, played at countless venues across the country, recently released a 4-track EP, and are currently recording their newest full-length album to be completed in 2013.

    Dylan Emmet is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter whose original blend of acoustic pop, hip hop, and rock has earned critical acclaim. Following the release of Dylan’s first album “Lost in Transit, Lost in Translation,” Dylan and his band played more than 200 East Coast shows including opening for Smash Mouth, drawing rave reviews and a crowd of 8,000 excited fans. In September of 2012, The Dylan Emmet band was honored in Hudson Valley Magazine’s “Best of the Hudson Valley” issue, cited as the “Best Band About To Make It Big.” Ready for exactly that, Dylan Emmet relocated to Los Angeles this summer, continuing this next phase of his journey as a solo artist. Dylan is currently recording his next project, writing and recording with various artists, and enjoying getting to know his new city.

    Pacific is a driving wave of fresh, yet nostalgic, feel good rock on the perfect summer day. Sun-grown in Southern California, the band brings a high energy to a variety of audiences who are immediately drawn to the familiar melodies, energized arrangements, and bouncing rhythms of this Los Angeles based 5-piece.

    Almost as soon as he learned the alphabet, Tom Norman started memorizing chords and making music. Tom grew up in St. Louis, but now the up-and-coming artist performs all around Southern California. His melodic influences span from B.B. King and Eric Clapton to The Temptations and John Mayer. As a young artist, Tom dabbled in flute, saxophone, and drums before finding his true calling as a guitarist and lyricist. Now, Tom Norman’s bluesy/rock feel is reminiscent of musicians like Ben Harper, Matt Nathanson and Jack Johnson. His smooth and sensual hit, “Chocolate,” was featured in the 2012 comedy film “The Newest Pledge.” As an artist, Tom Norman says that his goal is to “make music that people can move to.”

    Purchase your tickets presale for $15 at JMWest LIVE! – Thursday August 15, 2013 – The Roxy… Tickets, West Hollywood – Eventbrite , or for $25 at the door. We look forward to seeing you for another exciting evening at The Roxy!

    For VIP admission, please email or call 855-2JMWest. To submit your music or band for consideration at a future showcase, please send links only (no downloads) to

    To see clips from previous showcases, please subscribe to the JMWest LIVE! YouTube page at JMWestLIVE – YouTube or visit to join our mailing list.


    There’s a couple books out there that I’ve found insightful: On Killing by Dave Grossman goes into how it is that people become capable of such horrendous acts. Fight, Flight, or Hide by John Forsythe, although short, does a pretty good job explaining how we can prepare for these shootings.
    I’m surprised that with all these mass shootings there isn’t more literature on the subject. I liked Fight, Flight, or Hide by John Forsythe for its practical advice, but there’s still a bit of an empty spot on the shelf. Has anyone else run across any books on the subject?
    “Mass shootings are a tragedy, just like earthquakes, fires, or tornadoes. Isn’t it time we actually prepared for them” That’s my point, these things are happening all the time, but we’re shocked every time. We should have trainings and drills and stuff by now! (The quote was from Fight, Flight, or Hide, by John Forsythe if anyone was wondering)
    It kind of bugs me that a lot of posts on mass shootings are either political maneuvering or just baseless opinion. Is it really too much to ask for people to educate themselves? If you don’t want to do the research yourself, read a book like Fight, Flight or Hide. On Killing was also pretty good, though not specifically about mass shootings.
    Why do we keep running from these shooters? One guy shows up with a gun and hundreds of us run away? Why don’t we attack the bugger and be done with it? You might say I’m crazy, but it actually makes all the sense in the world! Read Fight, Flight, or Hide by John Forsythe and you’ll see what I mean. We’ve got to turn the tide here!
    It should be a criminal offense to disarm your workforce like they did at the Naval Yard. This shooting, by one account, took thirty minutes to conclude! In the first few seconds you have panic and shock, but after that someone should have been able to do something! We should be able to prepare for it, and then react when it happens. I even just read a book on it, Fight, Flight, or Hide, by John Forsythe, but I’m sure there’s lots of resources out there that would be just as helpful.
    This shooting scared a lot of people, and there is a lot of apprehension about when it will happen next. I read a book that helped me with that. It brought up that we actually can prepare for these shootings just like we prepare for an earthquake or a tornado. We can’t predict them exactly, but we know they will happen and that we are not exempt. If we are prepared for it, we can reduce the body counts and stop the shooters! Oh, the book was Fight, Flight, or Hide by John Forsythe.
    Read Fight, Flight, or Hide. I haven’t found any other book that really addresses the topic directly.
    Has anyone found any books on surviving a mass shooting? I can’t find much about it on Amazon. There is one book called Fight, Flight, or Hide, but that’s about it. Anyone heard anything about that one?

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