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      Jive64 make a ‘Resolution’ for 2016 we all need to hear…
      Let me take you back to the Electronic Age…

      ‘Resolutions’ harks back to a time when synthesisers, fashion and great songs ruled the airwaves. Think Soft cell Marc Almond and the masterful Eurythmics. You can put La Roux, the love child of 80s electronic retro on the list too!
      Melancholy melodies and and upbeat chorus make for a unashamedly in-your-face electro-pop smash. Rigid and proud while still being melodic and uplifting enough to stick in your head and singing along. It is a fun poppy sound with catchy melodies and breathy vocals. A beat based track, that aligns with the Casio alarm watch vamp. It features a lot of 80s sounds and goes back to the synths used in JIVE64 debut album “Goto 10”.

      This is how you make a great retro pop song with a head nod to the golden age when electronica and pop got it together.

      After a two year hiatus, Roy and Ella, the dynamic duo that make up Jive64, are back on the scene with this track that hails the need for optimism in the world as we leave the ups and downs of 2015 and look forward to all the opportunities that 2016 will hold for us.

      ‘Resolutions’ is a self released title as they both wanted to capitalise on the heat created by their last release “Chaotic narcotic” (Redlight Media) which was remixed by many top producers and is still featured on many dance compilations. The track was written, rehearsed, recorded and mixed in both Israel, Dublin & London. They have also had a release called ‘Not a Prince’ on Warner Music Israel so I think you’ll agree, these guys are definitely serious about their intentions in the business

      So make a Resolution to get behind this great track, dust of those 2015 cobwebs and smash all that 2016 has waiting for you with Jive64!

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    Forums Music Jive64 make a ‘Resolution’ for 2016 we all need to hear…