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    Miss Kosmix
      To download archive, click on link below and save as:

      complete_archive_(320kbps mp3).zip



      BRAP.FM / 1800-2000 GMT / 26 Feb 09

      Techno broadcast hosted by Miss Kosmix live from London

      This week BLUSTER brings you the man of all musical tastes
      with a penchant for the funky wonky and mashed up beats

      JEROME HILL [don’t recordings, groove asylum]

      Jerome got his turntables in 1990 after being inspired by the pirate radio sounds of London.
      He began buying hip hop, house, breakbeat and early european techno . In 1994 he hooked
      up with infamous London soundsystem “JIBA” and further honed his scratching and mixing
      style for which he has now become known. Jerome has always followed his own musical path ,
      constantly sniffing out exciting new (and old) tracks to add to his sets while never paying
      attention to current trends. Jerome runs his own label DON’T ( recording download music free mixtape at )
      since 2000, releasing maverick techno music and is resident dj at UGLYFUNK, now based in
      london whilst regularly playing around the world. He managed London`s “Trackheads” and
      “Dragon Discs” record shops in Camden Town for 7 years and is half of GROOVE ASYLUM,
      (the other half being Rob Stow).

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      [miss kosmix]
      JUSSI PEKKA – regression [frankie rmx]
      VIRGIL ENZINGER – thyratron
      DJ ZE MIG.L – squeaky rubber dummies
      THE DEXORCIST – rubba dub resurrection mix by dj narrows
      JEROME HILL – ready now
      JULIAN LIBERATOR – funky

      [jerome hill]
      KANJI KINETIC – Shut up
      LUKE’S ANGER – whipsaw
      ARRIVERS- baptism of fire
      essit music !!!!
      SYNTHEME- heat
      JACOB LONDON – thats what she said
      HUMAN RESOURCE – dominator (frank de wulf remix)
      AUTIST – glastonbury
      MARK BROOM- blue
      BJORN SVIN- heated & muted (don’t 13)
      GUNSHOT – killing season
      TIPPER – gong show
      BIG DADDY KANE -RAW – dubapella
      UMWELT- electro city
      FRANKIE – pero
      SPANDEX – bermuda tiangle
      DIRECT JIVE – fuck rave
      SOCIETY SUCKERS – kakke ekko
      Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch – Bend it
      THE SQUIRE OF GOTHOS – slam dat
      TokTok – unknown
      QUICK & SMART – … and fork it
      QUICK & SMART – eyko
      THE BUG – skeng
      L-VIS 1990 – apple bass
      DJ MISJAH – nut case
      TIM WRIGHT & GARVI EDWARDS – definitely wrong
      NEIL LANDSTRUMM – minneapolis bass treatment
      JEROME HILL – shticklebrix
      ANTHONY LYNN – side x
      GRIMJAW- true g-man
      THE UNKNOWN – psycho
      CHRIS MCCORMACK- erase techno
      ZSA ZSA LABOUM- something scary 1988 yessss!

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