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    Behind the project ‘Irony’ stand Eran Lasri, a promising young producer
    Born in the northern side of Israel, and correctly living in Amsterdam, located in the Netherlands
    His journey trough Electronic dance music began during the beginning of the 90’s
    Listening to all kind of different Electronic band’s
    During the mid of the 90’s with few of his friends he went to an underground Goa Trance party
    And was fascinated by the music, the vibes and the all experience
    That was the perfect sound he was looking for all is life!
    From weekend to weekend he used to visit as a regular guest in parties all across Israel
    And it didn’t toke long until he start producing and organizing his own events
    Hosting always the best Artists & DJ’s
    As a music lover he always collets music on DAT’s format, and after a long travel over India
    He start to play as a DJ on parties in Goa & across India
    He got back home to Israel and after one year of playing in parties in Israel he planed his next travel to Japan, and when he was already their he decided to live in Japan and build his first studio where he create and developed his unique Goa Trance sound
    Few years later Eran’s moved to Amsterdam, located in the Netherlands
    And moved his studio with him
    ‘Irony’ already preformed on countries, such as Germany, Austria, Japan, Israel, a few to mention
    ‘Irony’ style of music can be best describe as Psychedelic Full On Trance with Goa influences
    Very uplifting with emotional melodies and high tech building
    These days he is working hard on his debut album and singles for compilations, that will appear on respected international labels

    WEB -LINK <<<<
    beatport : Irony :: Beatport

    facebook :

    soundcloud : -IRONY-‘s sounds on SoundCloud – Hear the world

    youtube channe :



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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